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    Default Strophurus c. ciliaris selective breeding for a high End red orange colour


    Here i want to show an example of one very nice Strophurus c. ciliaris in different stages of age, that it is possible by selective breeding, over the years, to get some very bright red orange animals, also mostly with a full orange tail ( no black spines on this one ). it took me some years to get to those high end animals and that one here is so far my best one. the following pictures shows the gecko from an early stage of age until it looks today after 7 month of life.
    hope you enjoy the pictures.
    regards stefan

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    Beautiful. You going to be letting any go this year.

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    The exceedingly beautiful species just got better!

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    thanks for the kind words.

    If i let any go this year, is depending on my breeding season with them. so far i can not say anything about that.
    regards stefan

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