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    Default Home needed for Crested Gecko

    When I got my crested gecko two years ago, I was in most the I'm all over the place of business and need to find a new home for my crested gecko

    I like in Redditch (B987HW) and need to find a new home for the Crestie either with or without his viv

    Please help me out here people, photos attached

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    Attachment 47455

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    Beautiful! If you need I'll snag him.

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    NC - if that's no comment it's not that helpful, Uk residents only

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    He probably meant North Carolina, a state of the US.
    I hope you find a home for the lil guy. I would love to take him, but I'm in the US. Leopard Geckos Crested Geckos

    And if it's not a gecko, do the rest of the pets really matter? lol

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    Yeah sorry...after reading your post again I realized you were not in the US. Hope you find a home for him!

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