So today I was trying to rangle my bp into his bag for the ride home and the little bugger managed to start worming his way into the place under the seat (I have a disability so sometimes he moves quicker than I can manage).

He was quite determined to wedge himself in there, but I had a firm grip on his tail/body and was trying to wiggle and pull him out of there as gently as I could. Of course I did have to pull back on him because otherwise he would of jammed himself up inside the chair, I never normally handle him anywhere near that rough but I didn't know what else to do.
He fought me pretty hard but I eventually got him out of there.

I'm worried thought in the struggle that he hurt himself, I could be paranoid but I *thought* I heard something go pop like when joint in the body gets air bubbles in it or it sort of pops back in place. When I got him out to look at him he had some roughed up scales (put some heal-x cream on these spots) but otherwise nothing looked physically wrong.
He still can grip my fingers and his tail moves etc, but he seems stiff and tired. Like instead of cruising around he sorta sits there more often. His body moves but not as fluid or easily as it did prior to our little issue.

The vet was closed by time I got in, but I'll be calling them ASAP tomorrow. I'm trying not to panic, and telling myself that he was just burnt out from struggling against me and thus a little sore.
I'm hoping I didn't cripple him just trying to get him out of there