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    Default Gargoyle Gecko Eggs - Help!

    Hi All,

    Our 3 year old Gargoyle Gecko seems to have laid two eggs in the enclosure. This was a bit of a shock as we had always thought it was a boy, and there is only one gecko in there.


    What should we do with the eggs? Unless Gargoyle Geckos can reproduce A-Sexually then I guess they are unfertilised? Should we take them out of the container?

    Not really sure what to do at all so if anyone can offer help it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks! :-)

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    THey are likely to be infertile, but you never know. Take them out of the cage and put them in a covered container with moist perlite (you can get perlite at a garden store. Be sure it doesn't have any additives like fertilizer. Put it some place where the temperatures won't go below about 72 degrees or so (better experts can correct me on temperatures if I've got it wrong). They will take at least 11 weeks to hatch. Keep them till they either hatch or stink.


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