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    Stripped Patternless Male Fattail!

    SOLD THANK YOU!!!!! Im not going to be able to get females for him this year so figured id make room. He is a stripped patternless white out male. ABSOLUTE BEAUTIFUL GECKO!!! $500shipped...
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    Holback Female Cresteds

    SOLD THANKS BRITTANY!! 100% Cream Pin Super Dalmation male. This stud fires up BLACK! Amazing creamy pin, high contrast and big ol' chunky spots. From my black n cream pinstripe group. $200 SOLD!!! Female creamy dalmation $130 Female. One of my best female holdbacks. Outstanding contrast oh...
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    Oceanic snake/lizard lounge!

    Awesome display lizard lounge for sale, removable side panels and top access. Along with the stand with storage space. Amazing for any snakes, lizards or groups of geckos that require space. Brand new condition!! Brand new was $399, asking $200 or B/O. Located in New Jersey, will meet half...
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    Gorgeous Dark Cream Pinstripe Pair.

    SOLD THANK YOU!! Female is a beautiful almost black with a white creamy dorsal. She throws black n creams and alot of tri colors. Hatched by me in 2009. She has been cooled and is RTB!! Male is an absolute ham. He is the friendliest gecko i have ever owed and loves to be held. He throws...
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    update on my "old" cresties...

    i think you should sell Pink to me, she is uglyyyy!! ;)
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    help sexing small adult

    Definite female. i zoomed up close in photobucket, no pores and spurs are too small to be a male. Congrats on the ladie!
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    Male Levis Levis and Galeatus!

    Im looking for a hypo male levis levis and juvie diplodactylus galeatus. If any one as these available or know of someone PLEASE pm me or email me at [email protected] Thank you!
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    A Sneak Peek of a few TLC pairings for 2013...

    Beautiful gecko! Love all the creams but Cruellan is my favorite. Have a soft spot for light colored geckos with dark big spots.