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    Quarantined away from my Leo, will we lose our newly formed bond?

    No- geckos don’t really “bond” with people. However it’s possible that, if not hand fed for a while, the gecko may revert to its previous shyness. More than likely, though, you will be able to get back to where you were in a short period of time.
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    leopard gecko prepared foods

    I would say stick with live foods. Mealworms and superworms are easy to culture and use, although you should supplement with other insects too. I don’t know of a Robbie Hampton, but Robbie Hamper has worked extensively with leopard geckos. I assume she is who you are referring to.
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    Mourning Geckos

    I’ve been working with mourning geckos for a few years now. They are active, engaging little geckos. I find them to be easy to keep, generally speaking. They will eat most small feeder insects, as well as prepared foods. Cons are that they are good at escaping anything but the tightest...
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    HELP - Stuck shed

    After moistening the gecko, use a wet paper towel, and fold it over the foot. Grip and peel- gently but firmly. The gecko doesn’t have to like it, but it needs to be done ASAP to prevent loss of toes. It probably doesn’t need to be said at this point, but a proper moist hide will usually prevent...
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    Leopard gecko - vomiting

    Mealworms are more difficult to digest than other feeders. That it is regurgitating them may be a sign that you aren’t keeping them warm enough. The temperature inside the hide box on the warm end should measure 90f or more. I’m not sure if that’s the case here, or if you merely mean that the...
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    Is coconut fiber substrate okay to use for leopard gecko

    You shouldn’t be getting it wet enough to need a drainage layer. It should be just moist enough to not be dusty. Blending it with topsoil (30%-40%) would help considerably.
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    How to make tiny pond for ur gecko?

    No, not in my opinion. If your set on doing this, my advice would be to set it up, and monitor the conditions closely, and be prepared to remove it if conditions become wet.
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    How to make tiny pond for ur gecko?

    This isn’t something I would ever do, except in a large enclosure. The risk is that it would create excessively wet conditions for the gecko. If you proceed with this, it is imperative that the enclosure receives lots of air flow, to prevent excess wetness and humidity.
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    Tips for leaving mealworm colony for 10 days?

    Give each group a piece of potato and forget about it. About 25 years ago, a friend who was getting out of herps gave me a handful of mealworms. This was the founding stock for my current mealworm cultures; I’ve never added new mealworms to it. During those years, I didn’t always need mealworms...
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    First Handling Baby Gecko- help?

    When they need to be handled, simply nudge them onto one hand with the other. Expect them to jump off. For what it’s worth, I don’t handle the babies much- only when necessary. There’s really no reason to do so, and it doesn’t seem to make a difference as to whether they will be tame as adults.
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    How do we feel about feeding morio worms to my Leo ?? He’s 5 months

    As long as the worm isn’t too big for the gecko, it will be fine. They generally chew the head pretty thoroughly.
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    Best prices on feeder insects?

    Allergies are a real bummer. I seem to be developing an allergy to dubia, which I culture. I wear a respirator when cleaning the colonies, but just pulling a few feeders gives me a runny nose, and sometimes a headache. The mites may have been an indication that the bedding was too moist or humid.
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    Best prices on feeder insects?

    Mealworms cost me virtually nothing - I culture my own. They are extremely easy. In my opinion, nobody using mealworms should ever have to purchase them more than once.
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    A couple problems...

    To your first question- there are a few reasons that your gecko may not be eating, but there’s no way of telling what you’re doing wrong without knowing how you are keeping and feeding them. However, here are some of the more common reasons a gecko might not be eating: - Not being kept warm...