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    TUG phantom

    Im looking for TUG phantoms for a breeding group. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    7 free leopard geckos in Philadelphia, Pa

    These are all still available. The person who was supposed to take them this weekend never showed up or called so they are still available. sorry no shipping.
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    7 free leopard geckos in Philadelphia, Pa

    heres a few threads with pics of what is listed above.
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    7 free leopard geckos in Philadelphia, Pa

    This is my brothers account. He's currently deployed to Iraq serving with the united states marine corps. He asked me to watch them for him but now he is going to be staying longer than he had planned so he told me to post them for free on this site. Here's what is available. 1 - raptor male 1...
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    Proud Papa

    Thats a great family pic Dan!
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    Poison Dart Frogs

    Is anyone here into Poison Dart Frogs? I went to Disney World this past week and saw a huge PDF vivarium at animal kingdom. It was really cool looking. I think I'm going to start working on a 20gal vivarium this week and hopefully add a pair of frogs some time in the next month or so.
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    Some 2008 breeders!

    Gorgeous geckos! Are Ariel and Cosmos rainwater albinos?
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    Soon it will snow in summer in Denmark too...

    Those are some gorgeous snows! Are all Montanus colored like that? Thats a neat looking gecko.
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    Not enigmas but.....

    Those are nice!
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    Anyone else into Reef tanks?

    I'm actually a mod over at Club-Zoa. Same user name. :)
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    fresh enigma hatchlings

    Those are some great looking hatchlings you have there!
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    Cool looking gecko and setup.
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    ghost, pastel, snow mack

    Good info...thanks Jeremy. So would a lavender bell be considered a pastel?
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    new goliath bird eating turantula

    Thats a sweet tarantula.
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    Anyone else into Reef tanks?

    Thanks Brittney.