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  • Hey seahorse, thanks for the update. :)
    Cheers I love my sav! Got to start building an adult enclosure soon, painn in my arsee.

    Hi i am the secret person that buy you that stupid book! will find use for it! just want to wich you a happy christmas!! by the way i am Julian Jimenez im from Puerto Rico i love geckos,my wife, house music and collect alot of diferent stuff!!! we entered a christmas present contest.. I already send you something but i will send something else!!! i want you to have a special rock that i get at the Palomino island in Puerto Rico is one of the most beutilfull island in the caribean I gather a few and my gecko loves them!! and have one extra for very nice! unfortunaly i cant send you live animals because i would be breaking the law!!! but i have a nice blazing Blizzard that i thougt on giving you... Puerto Rico sucks wen you love geckos!!! they are not legal and i have been strugoling to have nice geckos they are very dificult to find but i maneged to buy few i will send pics later if you want take care! and happy christmas...
    aha like this lol im such a technophobe i think im aging before my time lol
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