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  • i know, i shouldnt be like that :( But i was so paranoid because my first leopard gecko died just a few weeks before i got her, i was being overprotective. I guess i was just scared of her dying. In case your wondering, Spot is the name of my first leopard gecko. He happened to struggle less in my hands and only bit me once when i was younger. And Rosalie is my new baby, hence the name, "Rosalie Spot".
    oh, and i make sure i'm the only one who can do nice to her, such as laying my hand out for her and hand feeding her, or showing her i feed her. (I got mad at my dad for lifting up her hide when we first got her. I practically got mad at him for looking at her. Yes, i'm very weird.)
    oh okay. Thanks. I'm like, the gentelest person on earth (to animals. I'm a little hostile to humans.)
    hey, is it normal for baby leopard geckos (about 1-3 months) to be jumpy? I mean, she used to be okay with me, but ever since i've been trying to help her get that shed off, she's been jumpy. Is it possible for her to get more comfortable to me like she did before, or do you think she'll likely hold a grudge? I know, i can act stupid, but i was wondering, and my dad would just say something to make me feel better, not the truth.
    Ahh, I seeeee. Well that'd be nice, if his tank were bigger!
    A leo lean-to!? You people and your advanced gecko lingoooo. So, what exactly IS a lean-to? :p
    I don't think it's deep enough to be a hide! It's very shallow, just big!
    By giant, I mean GIANT! It's not deep enough for him to drown in, it's just large in with. I'm going to stick with the small one. Don't wanna sacrifice space for him to romp around!
    Hey! I just realized that you commented on one of the threads I posted. Sorry I never replied! Thank you! My leo got a new tank, with a GIANT water dish. I don't think it's worth using sadly.
    Hi Gecko Friend.
    Appreciations on this end too.
    Newbies or Oldbies have a question now and then.
    There is every day learning about these little ones.
    Feel OK to PM me if I can help. It's no problem.
    You take care. Happy Geckoing. HJ
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