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  1. Boa'sUnlimited

    Two special Boas. Very close to my heart.

    Hello everyone, took some pics of, arguably, my 2 most favorite snakes so I thought I'd share, enjoy :) Thanks for looking!
  2. Boa'sUnlimited

    Male African Bullfrog 150$ (OBO) - Ontario, Canada

    Male African Bullfrog 100$ (OBO) - Ontario, Canada Hello, I unfortunately must sell my male African Bullfrog to fund other projects and free up some space for those projects. He is in perfect health, eats like a beast, and most importantly, has been known to call for females quite often! He...
  3. Boa'sUnlimited

    Powder in dark phase, Tons of pics!

    Powder the DH Snow boa in dark phase, Tons of pics! Hey everyone! well I had to do some spot cleaning the other day and I decided to grab some pictures of my boa Powder in her dark phase I have never photographed her in dark phase before, but believe it or not that is her dark phase :eek...
  4. Boa'sUnlimited

    Lrrr the Savannah Monitor feeding on superworms and attacking me. Enjoy :)

    Hey everyone! I recorded this a few weeks ago and thought i'd share :main_evilgrin: Lrrr decides that 20 - 30 superworms aren't good enough, no he has to run after my toes like they are food! so.. I hid behind a convient microscope case. Thats when I don't play around lol Enjoy...
  5. Boa'sUnlimited

    Black Piranha! (DUW)

    Hey guys, thought I would share pics of my gold diamond, black piranha this guy will get up to 10 - 15 inches long. A beast of a fish! Right now he is a baby though, at roughly 4 - 5 inches He is currently in a 70 gallon. Its pretty bare, but he enjoys it. he has the plants for hides and...
  6. Boa'sUnlimited

    Cartman Singing Poker Face Full Version

    HILARIOUS SONG Better than the original lol!!! Enjoy!!! MNKXzl3Nb-g