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  1. Josh

    New Suggestions for 2019!

    Great ideas here! We could definitely do some contests to help liven things up a bit
  2. Josh

    Hi.. i need help...

    @dani any update on how this one is doing?
  3. Josh

    CB14 dwarf nicaraguan albino T+ boa

    This snake is a real beaut!
  4. Josh

    Hello all

    I'm late but welcome!
  5. Josh

    What's your next gecko?

    What's your next gecko?
  6. Josh

    New Suggestions for 2019!

    Yeah we do need to do some clean up with the subforums and such. @indyana might you be interested in joining the team as a moderator?
  7. Josh

    Whole-shell scute shed?

    Wow that is beautiful! While abnormal I don't think there's anything wrong with that! I've had good luck gluing BONES back together with Elmer's glue. Just can't get it wet again. Very forgiving glue though good for beginners like me
  8. Josh

    Should I purchase this Leopard gecko?

    Congrats on your new addition!
  9. Josh

    First keeper of the season

    Oooooh that red!
  10. Josh

    Hi, new here

    Welcome to the forums! Hope everything's ok with Echo. You can use this space to ask about him if you'd like
  11. Josh

    Alphakenc loves to sing...

    I'm liking where this thread is going!
  12. Josh

    Hi :)

    Some really great suggestions on this thread. I personally do the tote option as well. Easier for cleanup
  13. Josh

    Another Electric Eclipse

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
  14. Josh

    Leopard Gecko

    She's beautiful! What's the asking price?
  15. Josh

    What morph?

    Welcome to the forums! I'm not a morph expert so I won't even hazard a guess! They're all beautiful though!
  16. Josh

    Looking for some 3" flex watt

    I don't but I always seem to see good prices on
  17. Josh

    Which is it? Male or female?

    Yeah I usually hold them in my palm facing away from me. I hold them up and look down the spine while gently raising the tail to see what's doin'
  18. Josh

    Favorite Hatchling of 2019

    That's a pretty sweet setup there!
  19. Josh

    Is this even possible? *genetics discussion*

    Beautiful geckos no matter what they are! :)
  20. Josh

    Anyone know this one?

    We have those too. Banded geckos in the high desert