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  1. Josh

    Giant Madagascar Day Gecko Advice

    Hey and welcome to the forum! A nice ficus would look really cool. Maybe even a big pothos if you can zip tie it to a branch or something!
  2. Josh

    Aquarium for leopard geckos?

    That'll work perfectly!
  3. Josh

    Do a tank with a towel over it at first so it's dark and peaceful while he acclimates!

    Do a tank with a towel over it at first so it's dark and peaceful while he acclimates!
  4. Josh

    Leopard Gecko Care

    Yeah it's important to point out that a care sheet is a starting point and by no means accommodates every possible scenario.
  5. Josh

    Lilo yums

    Beautiful! I'm very close to pulling the trigger on some Blue Tongue Skinks
  6. Josh

    Hey everybody!

    Hey welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining us!
  7. Josh


    Very nice! How do you like that particular gutload product? Have you tried the others?
  8. Josh

    Crested gecko cage

    I'm old school but I like the glass. It's easy to clean. Looks good. Lasts a long time.
  9. Josh

    2019 breeders

    Just stunning!
  10. Josh

    If at first you don't succeed...

    Crossing my fingers for you even if he isn't performing
  11. Josh

    I'm worried about my gecko

    @thisnameisoriginal ???
  12. Josh

    Gargoyle gecko viv

    Just do your DIY article here on the forum! :)
  13. Josh

    Gargoyle gecko viv

    That looks great! I like the cork bark coming out of the side such a cool hide!
  14. Josh

    Wait I dont get it!

    Wait I dont get it!
  15. Josh

    Is my leopard gecko carrying eggs?

    Welcome to the forum! I'd say yes it looks like there's some eggs in there! Congrats!
  16. Josh

    Not normal poop?

    Normal poop is a good poop
  17. Josh

    My favorite reptile

    Sorry for your loss :(
  18. Josh

    Mealworm setup example

    This is a great thread! Those sieves are super nice! I might consider doing this myself
  19. Josh

    Fine finiavana

    Those pupils! They look ALIEN!
  20. Josh

    axolotl high white golden albino female available

    I wish we could have axolotls here in California!