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  1. Taquiq

    Solar Eclipse May 20

    There was a Solar Eclipse on May 20, and I got some pictures with my telescope and Solar Filter. Also, here's a time-lapse video I also got. Thanks!
  2. Taquiq

    RIP Nisa

    I had to cull one of my babies yesterday. :( She couldn't survive on her own. RIP Nisa, I will miss you. :(
  3. Taquiq

    Tips for eye photos

    Can anyone give any tips on how to take close, clear eye photos? I'm using a Sony A300K. I have a macro and regular lens. Thanks!
  4. Taquiq

    Zoo Med 500R Thermostat

    I have an extra Zoo Med 500R Thermostat. It is used, but it is in great condition. Please email me at [email protected] if you are intersted in purchasing. We only accept PayPal at the time. Take it for 30$ shipped.
  5. Taquiq

    New Western Toad

    I got a new Western Toad! Here's the setup.
  6. Taquiq

    Update on King

    Here's an update of my female king snake. This is her second mouse of the year. :) Sorry for the bad quality, I had to take pictures with my phone today.
  7. Taquiq

    JK Herp on Twitter is now on twitter. We will be posting news, care sheet links to our website, special offers, etc. Please follow!!/jkherp
  8. Taquiq


    New Website!!!! All new design and it is now.....
  9. Taquiq

    Breeders that don't know morphs...

    I get annoyed when breeders with hatchlings ask what morph the hatchling is. If they breed I think they should know the morphs already and try to learn genetics. Unless it is a morph with a ton of combos should this be asked. :main_angry: This is not to be taken the wrong way.
  10. Taquiq

    My King eating

    I snapped a few pics of my Cal King eating. She is eating fuzzies once a week.
  11. Taquiq

    GF member graph

    I researched and created this graph on the members of GF when they joined. It goes in 6 months increments. The graph ranges from June 2006-May 2010.
  12. Taquiq

    This might work....

    EDIT: Never mind
  13. Taquiq

    JK Herp Is Now Selling products

    Edit Edit: not anymore.
  14. Taquiq

    Redid JK Herp

    I switched to a different free hoster for my website so here it is. JK Herp
  15. Taquiq

    JK Herp is updated.

    I updated the front page with some pics and an Albino Burmese Python in the corner. Thanks for looking!!! JK Herp
  16. Taquiq

    JK Herp is now built

    My website Jk herp is finished! I just got to get a domain and then it will be complete! In your opinion should I go with a white background or should I keep a dark background? JK Herp
  17. Taquiq


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  18. Taquiq

    MY NEW KING!!!

    Here is my new king! She is a Striped California King Snake. She is approximately 1 year old.
  19. Taquiq

    Where do you herp?

    In this thread you can show pictures of where you herp outside. I'll start.
  20. Taquiq

    The Average post count for all members

    The average post count for all members is 27.4