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  1. GothicGurrrl

    Does anyone own this frog?

    Hey :) I recently saw a picture of a 'blue dumpy tree frog', nicknamed the smiling tree frog. It was sooo cute ^ ^ and i'm interested in learning more about them. does anyone on here own one? if so, pictures would be lovely :3 thankyouu. A photo I found on google.. this is a smiling tree frog...
  2. GothicGurrrl

    any shows in the UK?

    Hey :) I've never been to a reptile show.. I'd never even heard of one or saw one advertised until i joined this site. I know there are some shows in the UK.. but can someone tell me where? I really want to go to one :D
  3. GothicGurrrl

    My Giant African Land Snail :)

    This is my newest pet :) He's a giant african land snail (GLS) and he's just over a year old. His name is Earl :D
  4. GothicGurrrl

    My furries :)

    These are my furry pets :) I own three fat-tailed jirds (duprasi), 4 rabbits and two chinese hamsters :D Pumba-my male jird Zera- my female jird They had two babies :) kept the male, he's called Zombie =] My Chinese Hamsters :) My Rabbits :) - in order...