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  1. Quantumhigh

    Patternless Mack Snow Albino, Normal het tremper and Tremper Albinos

    Tremper Albinos, Patternless Mack Snow Albino and Normal het tremper 1.Tremper Albinos Poss. Het patternless and Eclipse Females $40 each 2.Normal 100% Het. Tremper albino and Poss. Het. eclipse and Murphys patternless Male $20 3.Mack Snow Patternless Tremper Albino Poss. Het. Eclipse...
  2. Quantumhigh

    Albino Mack Snow

    Mack Snow Tremper Albino Poss. Het. Patty and Eclipse Males $30+ shipping. Shipping done using Fedex and SYR Any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you
  3. Quantumhigh

    Bob or not to bob?

    Do you bob your head back at your bearded dragon when they are bobing at you? :D
  4. Quantumhigh

    Mack Snow variations and more!

    50% off everything! Rack clearing sale for the new breeding season! Updated website From left to right. 1.Mack Snow 100% het Tremper and Poss Het eclipse and Murphy patternless (F) 2.Mack Snow Patternless Albino poss het eclipse(M) 3.Normal 100% het Tremper and poss...
  5. Quantumhigh

    Stop Forum Trolling Trolls!

    I am sick of seeing some of these newer members negativity they are bringing here. Rude and uncalled for comments that are off topics. You know who I am talking about. They have almost zero knowledge a few months ago. But are now experts on the subject. They bicker back and forth on OT subjects...
  6. Quantumhigh

    Patternless Albino Mack Snow Poss. Het. Ember(eclipse)

    More Available @ Mack Snow Murphy Patternless Tremper Albino Poss. Het. Ember(eclipse) ID Tag: MS1 weight: 69.3g male $65+ shipping
  7. Quantumhigh

    Beautiful female Tremper Albino Poss. Het Raptor and Ember

    MORE AVAILABLE @ Bright tangerine color. Should be sheding soon. Tremper Albino Poss. Het Eclipse and Murphy Patternless ID Tag: TA5 weight: 57.1g female $45+shipping
  8. Quantumhigh

    Las Vegas Reptile Expo

    Ill be there, anyone else going? Its this Sat and Sun :D
  9. Quantumhigh


    geckotopsites curious, how long did it take for your site to be approved? ..Iam at two weeks and counting with several inquires without responce. Wondering if they are on vacation or somthing.
  10. Quantumhigh

    Mack Snow Patty Albino Poss. Het. Snow Ember, Mack Snow Albinos, Macks & Trempers $40

    [Gecko's of OZ] Shipping weather sale is here! Buy 1 get 2nd 50% off (same order). Prices are negotiable. Mack Snow Patternless Tremper Albino Poss. Het. Eclipse (Snow Ember) Bright white with neon lemon yellow coat when all warmed up. One of my favorites this year. Hatched 6/5/10...
  11. Quantumhigh

    AZ Collared lizards

    Recently went on vacation to Flagstaff, AZ for a week. Came acrossed some nice male collared lizards while checking out some Indian ruins about 30mins outside of town.