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    Anyone ever made a purchase from this site? (Not sure where to post)

    Emily Filos. (since the thread is here now)

    Anyone ever made a purchase from this site? (Not sure where to post)

    The "low price guarantee" makes me a little nervous ....

    Phantom has passed :(

    RIP little buddy. :(

    A Gecko's Delicacy

    Grasshoppers, you mean? Can't have 'em (or locusts) here in the states, what with them being crop pests or whatever. :( They look like a pretty interesting feeder though.

    A Gecko's Delicacy

    Many animals have a "junk food," in that it's so tasty it makes them overeat and/or go off their regular rations for a while ... lots of cats go wild for tuna, horses chow down on grain, silkworms apparently don't like going back to silkie chow after eating real mulberry leaves. Though only...

    Is that safe for Rat to eat...?

    My hamsters ate mealies once in a while ... supers would've been huge for them, but I guess a rat could take one. Don't have much experience with larger rodents, sorry.

    My 'rescue' gecko, Grace... (Warning, pictures that may be disturbing)

    Awwwww, I just wanna hug her. Joined the group, here's hoping for a full recovery for the little girl.

    Leo Designs!

    New Gecko Dragon Design: From $2.45

    Leo Designs!

    Store rearranged, lots of new zodiac designs added - new link here
  10. STUTFL

    Whats the funniest thing your gecko(s) have ever done?

    Most gecko humor involves eating, doesn't it? :laugh: My leo simply would NOT eat his phoenix worms at first - ate one, spit one out, wouldn't touch 'em after that. Not on the cage floor, in a dish, anywhere he'd normally eat crickets or mealies. For over a week he just didn't eat. Then one day...
  11. STUTFL

    Leo Designs!

    I've updated my Zazzle store to include some leopard gecko products! Zodiac Gecko: From $2.95 "Go Away" Gecko From $14.80 See the full range here!
  12. STUTFL

    Whats the funniest thing your gecko(s) have ever done?

    Aww, he's cute. And quite the acrobat. :laugh4:
  13. STUTFL

    I think... I'll ... just take a ....zzzzzz....

    I actually did poke at him a bit after taking the picture, just in case - from the right angle it really did look like the rock fell down and squashed him. :sweatdrop: But apparently geckos just like to play "roadkill." :tongue3:
  14. STUTFL

    I think... I'll ... just take a ....zzzzzz....

    :laugh4: I love the one with his arm in the dish. Sneaking a little midnight snack?
  15. STUTFL

    I think... I'll ... just take a ....zzzzzz....

    Awesome photos, guys. :laugh4: Already posted these somewhere, and they're blurry as heck, but:
  16. STUTFL

    What time of day for feeding?

    When he comes out and looks hungry - usually evening, but once in a while it's early afternoon and he just decides he has to eat NOW. :laugh4:
  17. STUTFL


    Awful. :( And I *wish* it were the worst pet store. :main_no:
  18. STUTFL

    Snake with legs killed in China!!!

    Omigosh, wait, I know why this looks familiar - SOMEONE KILLED TROGDOR!!!
  19. STUTFL

    male frilled

    Do not fear, master! I shall frighten this flashing, whirring beast you call "Camera" away from your face! Hissssssssss.....
  20. STUTFL

    my leopard gecko died lastnight

    :( RIP ... so sorry.