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    Enjoying a misting Coming out for a roach The snoot of 1000 boops, and the snoot of 1001 boops
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    Some Abronia deppii

    These guys are probably our favorites of the species we have in house, in regard to coloration.
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    overly enthusiastic

    Someone got a bit excited, going in for the kill
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    'bronia 'bronia 'bronia

    A. taeniata
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    How about some more?

    Abronia oaxacae. This male is absolutely phenomenal in person.
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    Abronia expansion

    Recently added another species from the Abronia genus- Abronia deppii
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    Abronia lythrochila

    Added a few Abronia lythrochila to the lineup here. Here's a few snaps of a pair of them checking out their new viv. Not particularly a fan of the lighting in this shot, but I thought it came out nice, nonetheless. Enjoy!
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    Some of my favorite shots of this guy
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    This girl was a pickup from Tinley last October. She's coming along great. When you're a snake, but you want to be a pile of poop.
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    Tongue shots of our normal Boas :)

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    Of these particular two, the male was obtained via trade with a friend, but he was imported from Europe a while back. The female I purchased from a breeder in Pennsylvania. They are becoming unfortunately common in the last year, with ads popping up relatively frequently in the various rare...
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    Abronia graminea
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    Beyond excited for this! A. graminea are locked up :) Now just a waiting game while maintaining proper temps (and nutrition, obviously.)
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    more mixteca

    The pair is getting along rather nicely, since introduction. Female also shed since these photos, and is also beginning to display a nice amount of blues in her face, too.
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    Pics of a few of the cresteds here :)

    Male red dal to get paired to a red bicolor gal 1.3 out of the pinner group young female tricolor 1.1 of a project group
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    Abronia mixteca

    And the female mixteca (juvenile)
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    Some shots of the Abronia graminea

    Enjoy :)
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    Abronia love

    Thanks guys :) They're by far, my favorite species in house.