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  1. garylee

    1.2 trio

    i have a male jungle het tremper albino 51 grams 45,00 female striped jungle het tremper albino 36 grams 60.00 female tangerine hypo het tremper albino 38 grams 50.00 can ship but id prefere pick up or i could meet in cleveland or columbus areas just leave me a pm or email me at...
  2. garylee

    mach snow

    ok guys as some of you know i hatched a baby that looked like a snow when it hached but now im not sure what he is when he hatched he was only black and white but now the white has yellow in it and on his back legs have a yellowish orange that you can really see
  3. garylee

    what are these??

    i hatched all but the really bright yellow one what are the other 2
  4. garylee

    had more babys today

    i love that stripe and his side r are awesome hes a snow het blizzard poss het tremper
  5. garylee

    i had more baby hatch today

    i love the stripe he has and i love his colors hes a snow het blizzard poss het tremper
  6. garylee

    my 1st egg ever hatched today

    what is it? its from a blizzard poss snow to a htct het tremper
  7. garylee

    1st cluch from another gecko

    hey guys my shtct poss het tremper laid 2 eggs this morning i can tell one of them is bad and the other is good cuz one has the red ring inside it and the other dont but i put them both in the incubator just incase the one might be goodshe was bred to a htct het tremper
  8. garylee

    how big?

    how big are eggs that are getting ready to hatch? pic with a size refrence would be nice to lol
  9. garylee

    het markers

    are there any het markers in any of the albino strains of albino hets
  10. garylee

    blizzard poss snow question

    is there anyway to tell is she is a mack snow or not shes a blizzard poss snow
  11. garylee

    good still

    ok guys my blizzard poss snow laid her 1st 2 eggs on easter witch makes today the 34th day they have been incubated at 88 its still pink inside wen i candle them but i was just woundering if its still pink inside if its alive still????
  12. garylee

    help id my geckos

    1# tangrine hypo het tremper 2# bell albino 3# blizzard poss co dom snow 4#shct poss het tremper 5# ???????