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  1. JGoslee

    TUG phantom

    Im looking for TUG phantoms for a breeding group. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. JGoslee

    7 free leopard geckos in Philadelphia, Pa

    This is my brothers account. He's currently deployed to Iraq serving with the united states marine corps. He asked me to watch them for him but now he is going to be staying longer than he had planned so he told me to post them for free on this site. Here's what is available. 1 - raptor male 1...
  3. JGoslee

    Poison Dart Frogs

    Is anyone here into Poison Dart Frogs? I went to Disney World this past week and saw a huge PDF vivarium at animal kingdom. It was really cool looking. I think I'm going to start working on a 20gal vivarium this week and hopefully add a pair of frogs some time in the next month or so.
  4. JGoslee

    ghost, pastel, snow mack

    I've seen these terms used before but the only one I'm familiar with is mack snow. Are all three of these morphs the same thing or are they all different?
  5. JGoslee

    A few new pics...

    SnowGlow from Jason at Gecko Genetics
  6. JGoslee

    Rainwater or Bell Blizzards?

    Are there Bell or Rainwater blazing blizzards? I've only seen Tremper blazing blizzards.
  7. JGoslee

    smallest boa

    I'm thinking of getting a Boa and I was wondering which one has the smallest adult size?
  8. JGoslee

    Anyone else into Reef tanks?

    Just curious who else here has a saltwater reef tank. I have 2 saltwater tanks but only one is a reef tank. Here's my tank specs... tank - 58gal oceanic reef ready lighting - 2 250watt helio 20k metal halides, with 2 39watt super actinic T5's skimmer - Deltec AP600 Flow - 4 tunze...
  9. JGoslee

    eclipse blizzard eyes

    Are the solid black eyes on blizzards different than eclipse eyes? And can you breed blizzards to always have solid black eyes?
  10. JGoslee

    trying to get a snow raptor

    Currently I have a male raptor. I want to breed him to either a super snow, tremper super snow or a mack snow het raptor. Which would give me the best chance of hatching a snow raptor? Also which pairing would give me the nicest variety of different geckos? Thanks -Jesse
  11. JGoslee

    mack snow bold stripe albino

    If I wanted to produce a mack bold stripe albino would I just breed a mack snow to a bold stripe albino? Would the mack snow also need to have a bold stripe? Thanks for any help. -Jesse
  12. JGoslee

    Combining different albino morphs?

    I've read that it is a bad idea to breed different albino morphs to each other. Is this true and why is it bad?
  13. JGoslee

    Shedding question

    How often do juvenile leo's shed and how long does it usually take for them to finish shedding? I have a bell juvenile that has been shedding for about 4 days now. Thanks -Jesse
  14. JGoslee

    question about snows

    Is a co-dominant snow the same as a mack snow?
  15. JGoslee

    Post your Bell pics

    Lets have a thread dedicated to just bells. If you have any pics of your Bell albinos please post them in this thread. I purchased my first Bell albinos this week from Paul Allen and I have to say these guys are gorgeous! I'll start with a few pics... Lavender Bell Male
  16. JGoslee

    passing on genes

    Do males and females pass on genes equally? For example would it be better to have a great looking tangerine male and an average female as opposed to an average male and great looking female or does it not matter? Basically what I'm asking is do males and females pass on their genetics equally?
  17. JGoslee

    A few pics of my first leopard gecko

    Here's my new tangerine tornado that I bought from Debbie at The Gecko Prince. She's very photogenic. :)
  18. JGoslee

    What do you do with all your hatchlings?

    This question is for all the members who don't have a business. What do you do with all your baby leos? Do you keep them, sell them to local pet stores, give them to friend? Just curious. -Jesse
  19. JGoslee

    My three babies

    These are my three rescues. First up is Roxy. Shes an APBT.
  20. JGoslee

    This is Moose

    This is my black lab Moose. He makes such serious faces.