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  1. stager

    W&Y juvenial female

    Tang w&y female. Local pickup only $60 contact me at [email protected]
  2. stager

    W&Y male

    Tangerine w&y possible het Tremper. Proven breeder local pickup only. $70 contact me at [email protected]
  3. stager

    Animal plastic rack

    Holds 12 15qt Sterlite tubs or 6 32qt tubes 225 new without tubs. 12 15qt tubs included. Has belly heat tape. Color is white asking 150. Contact me at [email protected]
  4. stager

    Little Retic

    Fun getting this in and out of her cage
  5. stager

    W & Y male

    Hatched 6/7 blood cross possible het Tremper. 140 local pickup only or bring to northern berks show
  6. stager

    This Year's Pick-up

    Not a gecko, but nice anyway. Mine just past away after 15 or more years so my wife got me this for our anniversary.
  7. stager

    My favorite reptile

    My green tree python who I had from a hatchling passed today he was in his teens don't remember exactly how old. Some friends say more than 15. I thought he would live for ever. Just had him in the yard two weeks ago.
  8. stager


    Class act all the way. John was quick to reply to any emails, and took the upmost care when shipping. And when I got to see my w&y's in person I was blown away. I've seen geckos in person the do not live up to there photos well this was not the case. I could not believe how insane these two...
  9. stager

    Female Afghan Rpaptor Cross

    Soild Eyes 60 grams, $75 NJ pick up only PM me
  10. stager

    Pure Afghan Male

    5/2002 proven breeder 50 grams. New York, New Jersey pick-up only $140
  11. stager

    Male W&Y tremper

    Looking for w&y tremper het raptor or raptor PM me
  12. stager

    Female Afghan Eclipse Cross

    Snake eyes, 50 grams. New York or New jersey pick-up only 65
  13. stager

    Rainbow mealworms

    Just received 5000 and even though I paid for the winter heat package they came in a burlap bag inside a box with holes in it, it's 20 degrees hear without the wind chill many are dead. This is now the second time this has happened. Two thumbs down
  14. stager


    Just picked up a super snow eclipse from Aliza I couldn't be more happy. Not only was her pricing incredible fair she practically dropped her of on my door step. Her and her husband are great people I wish I had more time to talk with them. Thanks again Aliza.
  15. stager

    Venustus Angel

    Anyone have any experience with these. Lost a few fish after sandy (no power nine days) My tank is now back to zero nitrates and was considering one of these. There a little price but I don't care as long as it will last.
  16. stager

    Creative Gecko

    Just got my afghan raptor and eclipse crosses from dusty they are increadible I am blown away. Dusty is also a great guy to deal with, I highly recommed him to anyone! Chris Stager
  17. stager

    Wild West Reptiles

    Just recieved my pure afghanicus female from Chris West and she is smokin. Chris was a pleasure to do business with though it was hard to walk away with just one. I will do bisness with him again. Chris Stager
  18. stager

    my tank

    Not much of a photographer
  19. stager

    Rampant Reptiles (Michelle)

    I recieved my afghan raptor from Michelle and he is an absolute stud. Her service was fast and friendly. Top notch outfit!
  20. stager

    Childrens Python

    Well at least my childs python :main_thumbsup: