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    Anyone else watch Eastbound & Down? Click for a good laugh

    For those of you who don't I will sum up the scene. Guy off camera is retired baseball pitcher, guy in blue is the hot baseball player of the moment and is challenging/talking smack to said retired pitcher. This is where Will Ferrell, a car salesman, steps in between them to comment on the...
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    Pictures: Black bear momma and cub, Peacock, and crazy Lizard DUW

    This guy had some character hah This is a Black bear and her cub that got scared up a tree. There were people stopping their cars to take pictures and momma bear started getting agitated. Meanwhile the cub was playing -- climbing around and knocking down the loose branches. It kinda...
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    Stuck on an island in the middle of Hurricane IDA

    Long story short we were camping at a primitive campsite at Dry Tortugas National Park and we had to move inside Fort Jefferson because of the high winds and rain from Hurricane IDA. It's pretty cool, we are camping on an island founded in the 1500's and now staying in a Fort built in the early...
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    So Cute your Head Might Explode!!

    Pictures of Deer and Bunny friends! Supposedly the deer lost it's mother and became really bonded to the rabbit. I know this is from 2007,but it still gives me the "awwww's" so I decided to post it for those of you who may or may not have seen these pictures before! Best friends! :sweetheart...
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    Allergic Reaction

    Okay so we have this ointment for the geckos just in case and a few days ago I was moving the container and blam!!! Rash all over my forearms, chest and neck. Its still here 3 days later. I forgot that this ointment is a sulfur based antibiotic ,and I am deathly allergic to this class of...
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    You have to watch this video. Jo Koy is hilarious

    I find this video so funny because my mom loves her wii hahaha :main_laugh:
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    The hunger site

    all you have to do is click and the money the website gets from advertising is put towards providing food for the hungry. Here is the Website:
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    Funny internet pictures

    I found these pictures on the internet awhile ago :main_laugh:. I invite other people to post pictures from the internet that they find funny as well!! Happy Labor Day!! :main_laugh:
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    Photo Progression of Pumpkin

    Pumpkin the tagerine enigma possible giant is now a month old and I have been trying to take pictures of the changes. She looks like she has a green belly and those black spots are almost completely gone! She is also a master manipulator - she chirps when we're in the room looking for a silkworm...
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    Normal Reverse Stripe?

    From a Jungle Mack Snow Enigma X Giant Jungle Tangerine Alibino: A normal het tremper reverse stripe, possible giant? I took the pictures with my phone, so they are blurry. She's our second hatchling. :):)
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    How often do you have a fecal exam done?

    How many times do you have a fecal exam (fecal float, fecal smear etc..) done for your gecko(s)? Just curious
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    Daytona Babies!

    Male Eublepharis Macularius Macularius (Wild caught bloodline) Female Raptor with nice carrot tail! another pic Female Raptor with Afghanicus in bloodline aka "Littlefoot" woohoo! :D
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    Daytona Pics

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    Cleo success story with pictures

    Hey just wanted to give a little success story over here in the Health and Medications section. We got Cleo about a year ago and she seemed to peak out in the low 40 gram range. She was one of our most veracious eaters but managed to stay pretty tiny. We got a fecal exam on her at the Tampa Expo...
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    Tangerine Enigma

    After 58 days incubation we hatched our first ever gecko, here she is im so excited! :D:D:D:D:D!!
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    Funny picture

    She sleeps in there once she eats them all :main_laugh:
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    Wanted:Rack system for sale in Florida

    The title says it all- looking for rack systems used or custom made in Florida.(for leopard geckos) Thanks, Jeanene
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    Gecko Pics

    :main_thumbsup: Mr.T - Giant Dorsal Stripe Tangerine-Male Big Boi - Sunglow (Giant Bloodline), Male Cleo - APTOR het RAPTOR, Female Thanks!
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    what will my eggs produce?

    Giant Carrot-tail Tangerine Jungle Albino, Female X Mack Snow Enigma, Male Thanks! :):):):D:main_thumbsup:
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    Need help estimating hatch date!

    Hello I have an egg that was laid on Sunday June 7th so it is currently 35 days old. I started incubating it at 81 degrees then kicked it up to 83. I have to go out of town for August 11th (would be the 65th day of incubation)--Will it hatch before the 11th? I have the choice of going through...