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    New to snakes- a few questions

    I was suppose to be getting a hognose but then a bunch if crap happened.. And came home with an unplanned corn snake baby. I had sufficient research done from the hognose just had to check a few species specific things. He is around a foot and a little bit long, currently in a 10 gallon tank...
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    Where's Waldo.. It's been a week!

    I've finally caved very defeated that Waldo has been missing for a week and after a strip search of the apartment I can't find him. He's 8 months old. We have lost him before (he's freaking crafty!) and we have also lost a female because I left it open after misting. Both found within a day by...
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    Ontario Breeders to fill projects! (list in details!)

    im looking to expand my breeding projects and am looking for- RAPTORS Blizzards Eclipses Jungle trempers Reverse green stripe and Rainwater thanks for looking! :)
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    I hope I'm in the right place- western hognose

    Hi all, this will be my first snake ever (adding to now 24 reptiles and an amphibian) and I'm hoping for a bit of info. The baby I will be getting is a male western hognose that hatched the first week of May this year, the breeder will be making sure he eats f/t pinkies before I get him. What...