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    Leopard gecko skittish and crested not eating

    hi, I got my leopard gecko over a month ago and shes still very skittish and likes to jump off you when trying to hold her, can anyone suggest any tips for taming her? (She's 8-10 months old) Also y crested gecko which I got around 3 weeks ago hasn't eaten much since I got her, she has no...
  2. J

    Sexing my little spyro

    I'm gunna take a guess at a female but I'm not to sure he/she is 8-10 months old
  3. J

    Heeeelp i think

    So iv recently bought my gecko about 2 days ago and he/she is still not eating im not worried yet as iv read a lot of thing saying they can go without eating for a week or so, any tips or tricks I have been trying to tame he/she but only for lime 30 second intervals by either carefully and...
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    New to Geckos!

    Hi people iv just got a Gecko he/she is 8-10 months old and want some tips iv done a lot of research as you do but would love some pointers