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    Breeder Bashing: Why I Think Their Ethics Are Unethical

    You would be surprised, maybe even shocked, to know which high-profile breeders sell their genetic cast-offs wholesale to pet stores. :/
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    Breeder Bashing: Why I Think Their Ethics Are Unethical

    I don't think the OP was being malicious either. But purposely breeding genetically incompatible genes knowing full well what the potential impact on the gecko community could be, is blatantly irresponsible. It's like flipping the finger at all those who are dedicated to making leopard gecko...
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    Breeder Bashing: Why I Think Their Ethics Are Unethical

    In response to Rothsauce: Your most recent post is very well thought out and valid. With dogs and horses, we have the advantage of American Kennel Club (AKC) and the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) to assist breeders and buyers with pedigrees for their animals... going back literally...
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    Breeder Bashing: Why I Think Their Ethics Are Unethical

    As one of the few gecko breeders who has been around for 19+ years and invested literally thousands of dollars on my geckos, as well as spending thousands of hours educating others, I am finding it difficult to reply to the OP without gritting my teeth. When I was 17 years old, I thought I knew...
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    Several Gecko Related Domain Names For Sale!

    If you are looking for an official name for your gecko hobby/business, I have several gecko-related domain name available for sale. If you see one you are interested in, I can get an appraisal for you. All are registered through GoDaddy. Gecko Gecko Gecko
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    Bold Stripe Rainwater Albino Project Geckos!!!

    I still have a few amazing 2013 Bold Stripe Rainwater project geckos available, and they just keep getting better every year! All feeding well on mealworms, dubia, and occasional crickets and supers. See this pretty girl and more on the newly updated Golden Gate Geckos' website! Bold...
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    look at the lavender! Mack Snows (x E. fasciolatus) Poss. het Eclipse

    Photos just don't do justice to these beautiful Mack Snows! Created with a Super Snow het Eclipse father and pure E. fasciolatus mother, these outstanding geckos would be a great addition for just about any breeding project. Males and females available (related). Feeding well on mealworms...
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    GORGEOUS Female Sunglows!

    See this lovely girl and several more on Golden Gate Geckos' newly updated website! All are feeding well on mealworms and occasional crickets, dubia, and supers. LAST ONES from the 2013 season. Tremper Sunglow female, ID# F09-061013-B, hatched 6/10/13, 47 grams, $250 + shipping
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    Underwoodisaurus milii (Australian Thick-tails) - Adult Pairs Available!

    I've got several adult pairs of Australian Thicktail (Underwoodisaurus milii) available for sale. These are really cool little geckos, and an excellent introduction to keeping Australian knobtail species. All are feeding well on disted crickets, dubia roaches, and occasional superworms. See...
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    Selling double hets these days

    I agree with Aliza. We can disclose everything we know about the genetics of a gecko, and even stupulate it isn't to be bred... but ultimately we have no control over whether that happens or not. There is W-A-Y too much indiscriminate breeding going on these days, and very little...
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    Stop by and take a look at the first of the 2012 offspring on the newly updated Golden Gate Geckos website! :main_thumbsup:
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    Do Leopard Geckos need a Heat Lamp and a uVb lights

    If leopard geckos were anything other than primarily nocturnal, their eyes and skin would be better adapted to natural UV light... which they are not. Leopard geckos do not see very well in bright light, and their skin does not assimilate VitD for Calcium meatoblism like diurnal reptiles do. To...
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    Do Leopard Geckos need a Heat Lamp and a uVb lights

    LOL... did you notice the original thread is from 2007!!? :) In my nearly 17 years experience with several species of geckos, they are most active at night and feed whenever they are hungry and/or food is available. In the wild, my guess is that they do indeed feed at dusk when the bugs are...
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    As an Ordained Minister, I can say without any question that discrimination of ANY kind towards other human beings is certainly NOT what Jesus tried to teach us. The Bible has more finger-shaking at fornication and adultery that any reference to homosexuality. When are we truly going to achieve...
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    I see the reptile community aren't the only ones that thrive on controversy and drama!
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    Time for a serious discussion on breeding

    Several years ago when I was vending at the NARBC Anaheim Show, Dr. Philippe de Vosjoli was at my booth admiring my geckos and we got into a very compelling conversation on this subject. He asked, "Why does everyone feel the need to breed?" (He also breeds New Caledonian gecko species). When I...
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    tiedxupxinxknots---Carlos Valadez

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    tiedxupxinxknots---Carlos Valadez

    OK, sooooo... what are you going to do to resolve this issue, Carlos?
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    tiedxupxinxknots---Carlos Valadez

    Cherie, no one is pointing any fingers at you. I was simply concerned that some other peoples old games were happening again. I am wondering how Carlos sent and received messages, and was able to coordinate a gecko shipment in the last 2 weeks but somehow couldn't do the same with the OP?
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    tiedxupxinxknots---Carlos Valadez

    Unfortunately doing business with an under-age person, especially online, does not constitute a contract, written or implied. Technically, his parents are liable for the refund, but your best bet is to have his PayPal account suspended or cancelled until this is resolved. I agree with a Fauna...