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    New puppy !!!!

    Just picked her up 2 days ago , dual reg blue nose pitbull , razors edge lines y dream pup been planning a tyear for her. we named her Luna.
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    recipe for crested smoothie

    A local breeder gave me this link for a yummy smoothie she swears by it she has been feeding her bunch this for years and its worked great. also yummy for you she said just dont add the supplements until you thaw it out, thought id pass it on to anyone who hasnt heard of this recipe im sure...
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    finally pics of my new 1

    here she/he is , was told she was a pinstripe and is 6months old. Dont knw anything about crested morphs so what do you guys think? Either way I love her :)
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    just got my 1st crested yay!!!!

    I just picked up a {female} we think pinstrip she is adorable 6 mnths old was smaller than i expected lol dunno guess I was thinking adult for some reason. was told if we picked her up tonight could have her cheaper so we did. she is in a very large exo terra tank prob to big or her but its...
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    daughters bday party pic heavy

    We had my daughters 10th birthday today , we had the reptile guy come and bring an assortment of animals, Im not big on snakes infact petrified of them up to today. However he did manage to get an albino girl around my neck , very proud of myself for that lol. anyways here are some pics i...
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    Daughters birthday

    well I have finally booked her party, she is turning 10 in 10 days and she wanted this reptile guy to come out however I wasnt sure I wanted to spend that much on a party but after pricing out other options found it wasnt such a bad deal. He comes out to your place and does a 2 hour...
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    looking for mack snow female

    I am looking for mack snow or some sort of snow female , must be able to ship to canada or if your in the vancouver area I can pick up. please message me prices and pics thanks.
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    looking for breeder in canada bc

    Looking to add some new additions but having a hard time finding a breeder for leos, not specific on morphs just need someone who can ship to me in bc canada or where i can pick up. {I assume theres issues with over the boarder} so looking for a more local source. thank you.