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  1. GrimmyX15

    Ghost Mantis! YAY!

    Little show off. :D I just love their usual looking dead leafs...and how they move like leafs in wind breeze. My mom watched them in excitement when they was in feeding time. Got them few day ago... yes they are sexed. I can't wait to breed them when they became adults...
  2. GrimmyX15

    praying mantis legal? Help?

    I wanted to know if anyone ever lived in hawaii and owned praying manties? I'm not sure because I know most of animals are illegal in hawaii like hamster but my brother in law wanted me to mail it to him. I tried search through google, nothing speifiy informtion that I wanted. My question...
  3. GrimmyX15

    Praying mantis care?

    I want to know what to set up for enclouse because I ordered 3 eggs case today so i'm awaiting for it. I have tanks, plastic empty fish tank. anything but I wanyed to hear it from owners who had own this insect. How to care for mantis nymphs?
  4. GrimmyX15


    Anyone have any expericane with this plants if so, Can anyone tell me what kind of brand pertile and peat moss as soil? I'm in sort stuck because I ordered seeds of venus plant. I want to know where to find right brand of soil.
  5. GrimmyX15

    Kiwi showing off! lol.

    My little Kiwi baby. :) She's about 2 or 3 year old. :)
  6. GrimmyX15

    Homemade toys for budgies?

    Anyone in this forum. anyone knew how to make safe toys that are for budgies and other parrots? If so, let me know. Is straws ideal for budgies play with? Just give me what you know or made it before. THANKS!
  7. GrimmyX15

    R.I.P Jackie <3

    I'm comfortable to post this thead that my Jackie, she died. She died about 2 or 3 month ago... I did take her to vet and they think that there's nothing that can to help her. they just prescribed me antibiotics, also i asked them about pancur so they think it could help her a little. I...
  8. GrimmyX15

    Where can i find Baytril?

    Is it openly to market or from vet? I would have it as in case when my rat gets sick.
  9. GrimmyX15

    what kind of water feeder you use?

    I wanted to make sure i get one right so my rat dont gnaw on them, I had two water feeder being gnawed. So i wanted to buy right one so that dont happen again. So can anyone recommend me to that product?
  10. GrimmyX15

    combining fishes and invert species.

    I have one gray minnow which are about 2 year old, with two new zebra danio and one newie pink minnow and a snail. should i add other snail to that 5 gallon of tank and also couple of ghost shrimp? I wanted to make sure before i add them to my tank. The temp is about 75 to 78. :)
  11. GrimmyX15

    lil herping. :D

    I'm not sure what to put that thead in herping or other. oh whatever lol. Here is my story. few day ago, in my school, that garter snake somehow got end up in the school, end of door. It was curled up and at corner to near door by our classroom. Someone staff was just got spooked by that...
  12. GrimmyX15

    Found this little guy. :(

    I found him wandering on parking spot close to ********. I went there to look for calci worms and there wasnt so We left and I noticed something really twig tail moving under my father's car. I pulled it out and it's a lizard. I think it could be from ******** because i saw one of those in...
  13. GrimmyX15

    Fire belly Skinks care sheet?

    Can anyone find proper care sheet about them? I would like to know bit about them. Thank you. I googled them, they come up with most of fire belly toads? That's not what i expected. lol.
  14. GrimmyX15

    Meet Jack the Princisia Vanwaerbecki (hissing cockroach) and babies.(HEAVY PICTURES)

    Enjoy! Meet Jack! That's Jack eating carrot pieces! XD :) He have quite personality, whatever I put my hand there, he goes for it. as you can see my picture of him trying to reach my thumb, what a goof. He loves to eat carrots 24/7! :) I had about 21 roaches but most males died...
  15. GrimmyX15

    Crickets invades! XD Wow, that must be free crickets! :D Enjoy. :P
  16. GrimmyX15

    I hope my roaches are alright. D: grrrrr

    Roaches that i ordered was supposed to come today but... I hope they are alirght. Um-gee. It have been 3 day. I think you read my thead before, I ordered Madasgcar Hissing Cockroaches s and Prinscla Vs :P Hopefully they'll come tomorrow,safe and sound. lol I can't wait to get my hand on...
  17. GrimmyX15

    I'm not sure if this is right thead. xD I'm so happy!

    Holla there! This is very very my first geckositting!!! I know it may get weird, I'm geckositting my high school teacher's pet leopard gecko while she was going on 3 week of vacation(that's pretty long)! Her name is Liz and I saw her picture, it's so cute and very pretty! I think it may be...
  18. GrimmyX15

    Anyone heard of roach dressing?(brooch)

    How cool is that? :D FYI I found it interent. But it was really new to me,btw did these can hurt them? just asking?
  19. GrimmyX15

    Madagascar Hissing Cochroach as pet?

    Anyone can tell me why this roach should be good pet? I was thinking about getting one for my best friend for his birthday(That'll be his first pet). I read about them, they are inetersting. But i needed more info from you guys. :) thanks!