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  1. Keitone

    Metzcal and Windows 7

    Does anyone know if metzcal is windows 7 compatible? Thanks Keith
  2. Keitone

    Atempt to salvage those sub par pics

    Ok, so this is my first ever photo tutorial. On a subject that I more than likely should not be giving a tutorial on, but here it goes. Not all of us have the best photography skills or gear (I am one of these). As a result there is something wrong with most of the pics that I end up with. I...
  3. Keitone

    Scared of the camera...

    Are there any tricks to getting geckos used to getting their pics taken? I know they wont always stay still but I got some new guys and I really want to get some nice pics of them but they are relatively young and really fast. I understand why they are scared and that young ones are more...