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  1. Dron2124

    need some help choosing a snake

    I have finally got settled in to a new spot in orlando for school and i am able to have a reptile here. I have been thinking of getting a snake and would like some help with some suggestions. I want a snake that gets about no bigger then 5-6 feet smaller is fine. I also want a snake that does...
  2. Dron2124

    Dwarf red tail boa

    So i went to repticon atlanta to get a kenyan sand boa and walked out with this awesome male dwarf red tail boa
  3. Dron2124

    sand boas

    what is a good substrate aspen or sand and what is better a uth or a light?
  4. Dron2124

    Gargoyle for local pick up

    I have a one year old female for local pick up only in the Atlanta area. I will accept trade for a corn snake but that is it. The gargoyle comes with 12x12x18 inch exo terra, feeder ledge, magnetic vine, cork bark and sticks. all for 75 bucks. can bring to atlanta repticon if you would like...
  5. Dron2124

    Brazilian rainbow boa?

    How tame are these? how active are they in the day? can you start them off on pinky rats or no?
  6. Dron2124

    Got a free 12x12x18 exo what can I put in it.

    I have had crested geckos, gargoyles, chewies and im interested in maybe setting up a natural viv for a tree frog. I was wondering what I could put in a tank this size.
  7. Dron2124

    Female garg for sale

    I have a year old banded gargoyle for sale, She is avalible for local pick up only. I will drink an hour away to meet up or im going to tampa for thanksgiving. For more pictures r info pm me or txt 8134083111
  8. Dron2124

    Meet zetsu

    he blends so good already First time getting a decent tounge picture
  9. Dron2124

    Chewie from steve

    Steve from has given me permission to post the picture of the chewie i will be getting form him up on the site so here he/she is
  10. Dron2124

    Is this cage big enough?

    Im looking up tanks and everything for my future bearded dragon purchase. and i came across this cage and i was wondering if it was a good cage or no? I...
  11. Dron2124

    What type of skinks are native to Georgia?

    So i have seen a full black and an off orange colored skink so far since iv lived here.
  12. Dron2124

    Were to get a nice leatherback?

    I Lost joker my crested gecko about two months ago now and iv been looking into other lizards to get and me and my girl friend have decsided we like the look of the tiger leatherback bearded dragons or some of the reds that have nice color. Was just wondering a good place to find one.
  13. Dron2124

    Mali Uromastyx

    So iv been doing soem research and came up with a question. iv heard a few ppl say they need to runa tleast 3 or 4 bulbs to keep the cage at the right temp all the way threw. Is this true or just an extreme case? any oen with a mali let me know what your running if you don' t mind
  14. Dron2124

    Think i see a mali in my future

    So iv been looking at lizards for the past two days now trying to see what i want to get since i only have stoner now. I have always wanted an ackie but after reading so much about them i think that will be some thing to get further down the line when i have more time to tame one. Next up was a...
  15. Dron2124

    Fing roommates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so i moved in with my girl friend a month ago or a little over. MOved in and she got a bill for the gas which is in her name. It was 75 dollars. Now i wasn't even moved in yet for this bill my gf was there for 5 days, and the roommates were there for supposidly 2 weeks. they said were gona split...
  16. Dron2124

    feeding question?

    My girl friend is a little jealous of my geckos and has been looking at ball pythons. Iv been doing some research about there eating habits and have read a lot about balls not wanting to eat. Is this a normal thing that all balls go threw or just a few here and there?
  17. Dron2124

    any one ever used these? i was thinking of possable trying to use one of the big ones for a chahoua? i know i would have to spray a good amount and keep a substrate that hold moisture to keep humidy up but what would be any other issues?
  18. Dron2124

    first shed for joker!

    So i came home tonite after being out and joker is going threw his first shed iv seen him go threw. he has a good amount alrdy. looks like he is gona get it off no problum.
  19. Dron2124

    leachies and aggresion

    iv read that leachies can be real aggresive in there cage. i was just wondering what peoples experience was with them on the site.