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  1. Ehatcher

    i love free stuff

    I got 3000 crickets for free one time from a manager at a chain store. They had some sort of miscue with ordering and got another store from another states crickets... and according to their policy they cant return them to vendor or ship to their sister store for some weird reason. Oh well.
  2. Ehatcher


    another example. 10÷2(5+6) 10÷2(11) or 10÷2*11 5(11) or 5*11 55 if it were set up with a fraction bar 10 ____ = 2(5+6) 10 ____ = 2(11) 10 ____ = .4545 22
  3. Ehatcher


    This is a simple left to right equation. No fraction bar is present. If the orginal question was a fraction, you would be correct, Rob. If this equation was actually set up with the fraction bar it would be set up as 48 _____ = 2(9+3) 48 _____ = 2(12)...
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    the only way you could get 2 is if the equation was set up as follows 48÷(2[9+3]) 48÷(2(12)) or 48÷(2*12) 48÷24 2 *****EDIT***** adding validity
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    Order of Operations. AKA PEMDAS, or if you are from the south.. "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" Parentheses 48÷2(9+3) = 48÷2(12) according to order of operations, the next step IS NOT 2(12), since the 2 is NOT inside the parentheses... the parentheses is now being used ONLY as a...
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    Well, where my parents lived we were only able to get DSL or dial up. THe DSL service was TERRRRRIBLE. So seeing that I finally "flew the nest" , got married, and bought a house that is able to get cable internet... i was ALLLLL over it haha
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    shoooo weeee.... where to begin? First off, ive been absent from the board for like a month. I got MARRIED! LOL. I married my Beautiful wife on May 29th. We recently moved to our new house in a gorgeous subdivision here in East Tennessee... recently got back from our honeymoon (which was...
  8. Ehatcher

    You know you're a repti-holic when....

    You know you are addicted to reptiles when it is 4:18 AM in the morning and you have to be at work in 3 hours, yet you havent slept a wink because you have ben glued to Herp related websites for the last however many hours.
  9. Ehatcher

    Hi my lovely reptile peeps and geeks

    All is well this way. Im getting Married in 9
  10. Ehatcher

    Up for sale again. Male SHTCTB

    I have for sale a very nice SHTCTB Male. Feeding on crickets. Im not sure of the exact hatchdate, but he is an '08. $75 + Shipping Trades will be considered
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    PS3 > 360 lolololol... seems like everyone I know is playing MW2 on the Xbox.
  12. Ehatcher

    Update on some hogs...

    Gregg... AWESOME HOGS bro! I love the red phase female. Id love to get a few hogs, running out of room WAY to fast though :(
  13. Ehatcher

    Do you love geckos? No, really though, do you?

    On a side note. Housing geckos in tubs is NOT cruel. As long as the niche requirements and husbandry needs are met, everything is fine. Ive seen more sick and dying geckos that are not supplemented correctly that come from people who house their animals in "naturalistic" setups that include sand...
  14. Ehatcher

    Do you love geckos? No, really though, do you?

    OMG those geckos are pitiful! They look like they are starving! OMG THEY ARE!! THE BOTTOM PIC...ONE IS TRYING TO EAT THE OTHER ONE! It must because of keeping them in tubs. :p
  15. Ehatcher

    SHTCTB for sale

    $80+ Shipping
  16. Ehatcher

    SHTCTB for sale

    Bump for new price $85+ shipping!
  17. Ehatcher


    Im guilty of doing this... but 2 posts down i told the morph lol. I totally forgot to tell it!
  18. Ehatcher

    SHTCTB for sale

    I have for sale a very nice SHTCTB Male. I have no plans for him this season , as I have decided to cut back on a few projects, so im going to be doing some spring cleaning. Feeding on crickets. He has a very good demeanor, tolerates handling well. $90 + Shipping
  19. Ehatcher

    My house isn't a zoo

    Ill show some people the animals when they are at the house visiting, but mainly close friends and relatives. I would NEVER let some joe smoe come over to my house to see my animals, mainly because i never know what their intentions are. They could be casing the joint for all i know. I dont want...
  20. Ehatcher

    Wild gecko

    Jake, that is an awesome setup man!