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  1. Ehatcher


    shoooo weeee.... where to begin? First off, ive been absent from the board for like a month. I got MARRIED! LOL. I married my Beautiful wife on May 29th. We recently moved to our new house in a gorgeous subdivision here in East Tennessee... recently got back from our honeymoon (which was...
  2. Ehatcher

    Up for sale again. Male SHTCTB

    I have for sale a very nice SHTCTB Male. Feeding on crickets. Im not sure of the exact hatchdate, but he is an '08. $75 + Shipping Trades will be considered
  3. Ehatcher

    SHTCTB for sale

    I have for sale a very nice SHTCTB Male. I have no plans for him this season , as I have decided to cut back on a few projects, so im going to be doing some spring cleaning. Feeding on crickets. He has a very good demeanor, tolerates handling well. $90 + Shipping
  4. Ehatcher

    Animal Planet

    You suck :main_thumbsdown: Anyone see 'Killer Aliens' or whatever? I watched about 35 mins of it and i had to turn it off. They are only helping the S373 gain momentum by feeding false information to the "sheeple" of the US of A. Putting a ban on these snakes isnt going to fix the problem...
  5. Ehatcher

    Python huntimg season opens in FL
  6. Ehatcher

    Thanks a lot National Geographic.

    Well... find a way to watch the show "Python Wars" that just ended on Nat Geo. They talk about the intrusiveness of the Burms... Then they talk about careless pet owners, then they talk about congress trying to ban them. Basically putting these snakes on the level of Satan, Hitler, and Al Queda...
  7. Ehatcher

    Atlanta Repticon

    Anyone going? Looks to be a promising show!! :main_thumbsup:
  8. Ehatcher

    Got my first snake.

    Well i got my first snake. Its pretty neat. A lady i know had some KILLER deals on normal corns, so I picked this little guy up. He is Het Amel.
  9. Ehatcher


    Why are these little clear rocks so expensive? ive never understood it. :main_thumbsdown:
  10. Ehatcher

    IM ready for my close up!

    She decided it was time to take portrait. She also told me not to touch the shed on her head because it "added" to the picture. She is so stubborn. I took the shed off afterwards though :main_laugh:
  11. Ehatcher


    Even though I figured this is a waste of space, waste of database memory, and a major waste of your time... I figured i would still share lol I have 600 posts. :main_rolleyes:
  12. Ehatcher

    2 is enough... 23 is a crowd

    Pretty sad that some animals have to live like this. Store name and Location will not be released. This is what i seen when i had to go pick up some calcium... Yes there were 23 geckos in the enclosure. All of them arent shown in this picture. :main_thumbsdown:
  13. Ehatcher gettin some love!!

    Getting a shout out on SnakeBytes from Brian.. Pretty neat.
  14. Ehatcher

    Progression pics.

    just a itty bitty baby!!! to this to this gorgeous cow!! hard to believe she has more growing to do! She is only 5 months old!!!
  15. Ehatcher

    just keeps gettin more tangy...

    Bell Enigma that I picked up from Paul Allen in Daytona... man he was a little washed out, but after a few sheds, he is starting to come around and show some promise!
  16. Ehatcher

    flexwatt length question..

    I had originally planned on wiring my rack by snaking the flexwatt through it in one piece...but i got to thinking about something. Does flexwatt begin losing heat the longer the length is? Say you have a 20 ft piece of flexwatt... Would the end with the wires show higher temps than areas...
  17. Ehatcher

    Rack Construction finished.

    I finished the construction of the rack, added a "storage shelf" on top, and got everything tightened up nicely. Im going to paint it black i do believe. Now the only hard stuff i need to do is wire the 4" flexwatt. sorry for the low quality cell pics :( Gotta prevent those tubs from...
  18. Ehatcher

    start of something good...

    Since i have a massive case of ADHD, I forgot to begin taking pictures from the beginning... and then then the phone began to die so i only got one pic... But i guess you'll get the point. lol I finally started building a rack. Its coming a long quite well, All i have left is to finish the...
  19. Ehatcher

    pick ups.

    These are better pics of the 2 geckos I picked up in Daytona from Bright Albino. Seeing that the first pics i posted of them were inside the deli cups, i gave them a couple days to get aquainted with their new environments and shot these. Bell Enigma: APTOR female:
  20. Ehatcher

    another one of those Daytona threads...

    The show was a blast! thats all i can say... :main_thumbsup: I only picked up 2 animals... small amount seeing how many herps were there!!! Enigma APTOR Both were bought from Paul at Bright Albino. awesome guy and awesome animals. Gregg and Paul A. It was awesome getting...