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  1. indyana


    Join in and post some pictures of gutloading! A very important step that folks sometimes skip... Mealworms for this week getting some arugula, summer squash, and Repashy SuperLoad.
  2. indyana

    Lilo yums

    My Northern blue-tongued skink, Lilo, enjoying a big meal.
  3. indyana

    Gargoyle gecko viv

    New build! I got myself a retired breeder gecko last fall. She's ready to exit quarantine once I get some final fecal tests for parasites and Cryptosporidium done. I bought a whole bunch of cool stuff for her background last year and used NEHerp's "heavy duty background" technique of...
  4. indyana

    Altair, Ziva updates (Gem Snow turc. cross, Afghan)

    Took a couple short videos while cleaning yesterday. Altair - Gem Snow male (50% E. turcmenicus), 10 months Produced by Fire 'n Ice Geckos (Ben and Brenda Howard) Ziva - E. m. afghanicus female, 9 months Produced by GeckoBoa Reptiles (John Scarbrough)
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    Mealworm setup example

    The past few years, I haven't had to buy mealworms at all, so I thought I'd share the details of my small scale breeding method. Get some small containers. The ones I use are dinner-sized plastic food containers, but it doesn't matter. They should be at least 3 inches deep to keep everything...
  6. indyana

    If at first you don't succeed...

    So, last year, my pairing ended up being a dud. You can find the thread I made regarding my female reabsorbing all her eggs. Despite that, I'm retrying the pairing this year because the female is going to be over her prime shortly and my other breeders are still young. So, now we play the game...
  7. indyana

    Paige - Leopard gecko at The Gecko Sanctuary (MA)

    Paige the leopard gecko is looking for her new home and is available through The Gecko Sanctuary.
  8. indyana

    Crested Gecko Viv v. 2

    Since the DIY seal job on my acrylic vivarium started leaking, it's time for a rebuild in an 18x18x24 Exo Terra terrarium. A lot of the plants and substrate from the existing viv will be transferred over to keep the bioactive base going, but I decided that I wanted to redo the background and...
  9. indyana

    Blue death feigning beetle vivarium

    Setting up a bioactive viv for some blue death feigning beetles. I have four layers of substrate, mostly because I made a mix I didn't like and buried it, haha. Put a moister substrate in one corner to support other cleaners like isopods and springtails, some planted haworthia in the opposite...
  10. indyana

    The Gecko Sanctuary (MA)

    There are always reptiles looking for homes via the Gecko Sanctuary. Right now, several geckos, a bearded dragon, and a ball python are searching for new homes. If you're in the Massachusetts area, please check them out! Available Animals - The Gecko Sanctuary One crested gecko in particular...
  11. indyana

    Merry Christmas!

    I want to wish everyone here on GeckoForums a very merry Christmas! Also, happy Hanukkah for those of you celebrating this week. :)
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    First Eggies

    Our crested gecko, Luna, laid her first pair of eggs this week. They should be duds since she is a female that has never been bred (as far as I know). I checked them with a flashlight out of curiosity, and they are yellow through and through. I'm glad she finally laid something. Luna's been...
  13. indyana

    Crested Gecko Viv

    Starting a progress thread for my created gecko bioactive vivarium. Here's just the start, a large cork background tile with various cork pieces attached with black silicone. There are also some screws and washers pinning the largest cork pieces. I was originally going to put screws in all of...
  14. indyana

    Bioactive Leopard Gecko Experiements

    I've recently been interested in trying out a more naturalistic approach with leopard geckos. I've been able to find a few helpful articles and Facebook groups so far, so I'm going to start a thread here to post updates as I explore setting up a desert bioactive enclosure. I have not done...
  15. indyana

    Working with a Light Tent

    So, I've gotten my first light tent and studio lights, and I'm trying to work out how to use them. I'm currently working with my point-and-shoot Polaroid, which I realize isn't ideal. Still, I should be able to tweak get some decent photos. Looking these over after my photo shoot, a few...
  16. indyana

    Ramsey's Reptiles

    Report by Rachel Gratis I recently purchased Hawkeye, a juvenile male Afghan leopard gecko, from Ramsey's Reptiles, and I am very pleased with him. He picked up eating like a champ within two weeks of arriving and passed his incoming Crypto screening. I've seen pictures of his parents, who...
  17. indyana

    Fired Up Geckos (Sarah Dahlinger)

    Report from Rachel Gratis I just wanted to post a positive report for Fired Up Geckos, a breeder here in Massachusetts. I purchased a sub-adult crested gecko for my grandmother from Fired Up Geckos earlier this year. We met with Sarah locally for pickup. The gecko, Luna, came to us healthy...
  18. indyana

    Cleaning Day with Luna

    It was time today to give everything in the Repti-Viv a good scrub with hot water and white vinegar, so enjoy a few pictures of Luna, my grandmother's crested gecko, as well as her temporarily sparkling clean cage. :) Luna's usually a deeper orange, but she was fired down and ticked off at...
  19. indyana

    Amoré the Leopard Gecko

    Meet Amoré, the first leopard gecko I've had the pleasure of owning. This gecko belonged to relatives originally. It was the all-too-familiar story of a young man who bought the pet and then lost interest, leaving it at his parents' house. While they were well-meaning people and by no means...