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  1. Trinity Cernohous

    How much substrate?

    So my new tank is going to be a medium sized exo terra reptile terrarium (tall)...The store that I am getting my bedding from for this tank sells it in 8 qt bags....How many do you think I will need to give my geckos an adequate amount to dig and lay eggs in? I am unsure of the dimensions right...
  2. Trinity Cernohous

    Gecko egg laying

    Alright so a few weeks ago my female bibron gecko started digging in the left back side of the tank. Ever since then, she spends 3/4 of her time just laying in the corner. When I first got them about a month and a half ago now, I cleaned out the tank and found 2 old eggs that were no longer...
  3. Trinity Cernohous

    Tokay Gecko

    Looking for a tokay gecko. Would prefer being able to meet somewhere in the Wisconsin region close to Madison but would be willing to have it shipped. Please let me know if you have 1 or 2 (male and female) baby/juvenile tokay geckos from separate clutches. Thanks
  4. Trinity Cernohous

    Exo Terra Jungle Mix

    I am looking at getting the Jungle Mix for my bibron geckos as it is said to help promote breeding, egg laying and egg incubation...The one that is sold at my store comes in a clear plastic bag and looks like it is pre-moistened...Has anyone used this before or would recommend it?
  5. Trinity Cernohous

    Crested Gecko

    I am looking to expand my gecko experience. I used to have 3 leopard geckos and now I own a breeding pair of bibron geckos. I am unable to buy them right away however if you have 2 (male and female) babies that preferably are from different clutches and would be willing to sell them for a...
  6. Trinity Cernohous

    Substrate help

    I am getting a medium sized exo terra reptile terrarium (tall) the substrate I will be using for it comes in 8 quart bags...How many bags should I use as my terrarium will be planted. Also, I will be getting a 55 gallon long tank and going to be using a different substrate that comes in 10 quart...
  7. Trinity Cernohous

    Advice for terrariums

    I am going to be getting a medium exo terra reptile terrarium (the tall ones) and I have a breeding pair of bibron geckos that are currently in a 10 gallon tank. I am planning on getting some jungle mix substrate to help promote the breeding, laying and incubation however I am wanting to set up...
  8. Trinity Cernohous

    Who I am

    My name is Trinity Cernohous, I am 18 and have many assortments of pets. Currently I have a yellow lab, 4 guinea pigs, 2 parakeets, 5 mice, a painted turtle, various fish and 2 bibron geckos. I am also getting soon a baby bearded dragon. I have owned bearded dragons and leopard geckos before but...