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  1. Gopherhockey03

    I'm back..

    Well I've been gone for quite sometime... I moved to London and lived there with my Aunt and Uncle for a couple months and have currently been going grad school at the University of North Dakota. Just wanted to say I'm back and will be contributing to the site once again!
  2. Gopherhockey03

    Ball Python Morph??

    Does anyone know what these morphs are? They don't look like normals, maybe pastels maybe???
  3. Gopherhockey03

    Happy St.Pattys Day!!!

    I shall be drinking my fair share of green beer today :) ! Hopefully all of you of age are responsible!!! And remember to wear Green!!!
  4. Gopherhockey03


    Well my vacation is over... It was the best trip ever! I am blessed to have a wealthy uncle so I did a lot of things normal people wouldn't get to do. here is a short list of what I did there any questions please post underneath I would be more than happy to talk about any of them! Went to the...
  5. Gopherhockey03

    Gecko talk first

    Hello I am currently 30,000 feet in the air posting on gecko talk....I think that's pretty neat haha
  6. Gopherhockey03

    Love this site

    Would like to say I love Gecko talk it's an excellent well laid out site easy to use and very user friendly! Would like to thank Josh for all his hard work and would like to thank all the members for the help and sharing of ways to better our husbandry for our beloved gecko friends.... Also I...
  7. Gopherhockey03

    SO HAPPY!!!

    Just wanted to say my Girlfriend of 4 years just won the womens swimming 200 freestyle at the Big 10 championships!!! I'M SOOOO proud of her :) thought I would show her some love on here! More info here if you would like to read it! ===>...
  8. Gopherhockey03

    SWEEEEET I thought this was pretty neat.
  9. Gopherhockey03

    My non gecko babies

    Thought I would show off two of my most favorite pets Cooper and Boris :) Shell-E wasn't being camera friendly so she's not included
  10. Gopherhockey03

    Baby 1 & Baby 2 Diary.

    Since Christian is doing a Crested Gecko growth history I thought I would do a leopard gecko one! For the past 3 sunday's I have been weighing my geckos and getting a rough estimate on how long they are so heres my results so far! Will update weights on Sundays!!! Original weights--- Baby 1---...
  11. Gopherhockey03

    DYI Exo Tanner cage =)

    So yesterday I got a free 10 gallon tank off of craigslist I took all of the black framing off and am not left with this ====> Will be turning into a exo terra terrarium I will be giving a step by step instructional on how to build this bad boy if it turns out nice!!!!
  12. Gopherhockey03


    I say Patriots!!! Everyone in before game time also btw!!!! I say 31-24 score
  13. Gopherhockey03

    MAIL TIME!!!

  14. Gopherhockey03


    I have a 40 gallon breeder and $500 to buy what ever I want what should I get??? Pick which one and describe what morph or species!!! I'm literally torn between these 5.... If there's another reptile that will live happily in a 40 it's entire life feel free to tell me about it!!!! I ALSO HAVE A...
  15. Gopherhockey03

    Just for fun contest!!!

    Thought we could have a caption contest! I thought this picture was really funny and cool so funniest caption wins Gecko talk bragging rights!!! haha we can even hold a vote for best caption!!! So caption away!!!
  16. Gopherhockey03

    The new and old babies =)

    Here is my new gang!!!
  17. Gopherhockey03


    I got another Leopard Gecko!!! The Petco gave me a discount cause they claim he had bad toes (Put him in the humid hide and his toes are perfect now :). Only paid $10 and he/she is such a cutie!
  18. Gopherhockey03

    Any one use this....

    Anyone use the Exo terra UTH? I can't find any reviews at all... I use zoo med but I found a site where exo terra products are half off so any input would be nice...
  19. Gopherhockey03

    Baby is only interested in...

    The baby shows zero interest in small crickets and mini mealworms... But as soon as I put a medium sized cricket or big meal worm shes in hunt mode I obviously take it away from her before she gets it but still!!! Anyone else have this problem!!! Or how to get them interested in small food. I...
  20. Gopherhockey03


    Free shipping at petmoutain I recommend everybody buy while its cheap!!!!