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  1. SFgeckos

    Dubia roaches 300 nymphs for $40 SHIPPED.

    Hi, I have a current surplus of small sized dubia roach nymphs (1/2 inch or larger). I began building my dubia colony more than a decade ago and feed tens of thousands of nymphs every year-as well as supplying many other hobbyists. I have raised/bred many species of geckos, lizards and...
  2. SFgeckos

    Mr. Ribbit...over 2.7lbs!

    I snapped this cell phone photo late last night while cleaning- Mr. Ribbit weighs 1,245 grams (over 2.7lbs)! Jon
  3. SFgeckos

    Maternal incubation from start to finish!

    Radiograph taken 7-11-12 showing eggs Laying her eggs 7-29-12 Hatching today 10-10-12 -Jon
  4. SFgeckos

    You win some, you lose I lose big time!

    OUCH! Statistically I should have gotten mojaves and mojavecombos from this clutch...I got owned! LOL Luckily I have three more double codom x mojave clutches hatching this week! Remember, animals don't read genetic books or do math! =) Also here's one of my gravid females due to lay...
  5. SFgeckos

    pic for Shawn (papaK)!

    Here is the 2012 clutch from the mojave female I got from you in trade a few years back! I hope the D. galeatus are doing well for you- I bet you have produced dozens of offspring by now! Jon
  6. SFgeckos

    Easter egg hunting!

    Some clutches from Easter weekend! Most of mine so far this year are all in the 5-8 range so I was thrilled to get a clutch of 9, and yes I like to keep my collection somewhat mysterious =) Jon
  7. SFgeckos

    A kitten for Chris since he likes the YB stuff!

    Meow? =) I was somewhat disappointed since it's a female, but let's hope some males hatch out this year! Jon
  8. SFgeckos

    Dubia roaches! 1,000 mixed nymphs for $75 SHIPPED.

    I have a current surplus in dubia roach nymphs available for GF members! Mixed sizes range from mostly newborn nymphs and 1/2 inch nymphs, up to 3/4 inch nymphs. I have personally used dubia roaches as a staple feeder to produce several generations of different gecko species including leopard...
  9. SFgeckos

    testing homemade photography setup

    My friends always tease me for taking horrible photos, so here's a quick shot with my new homemade background setup. Any suggestions/comments? Jon
  10. SFgeckos

    some NICE carrottail and tangerine carrottails!

    Hello, I have available several high quality leopard geckos. It has been a long term passion project of mine to select for higher carrottail percentage and brighter orange body coloration! Photos of each available gecko and information are below: Photo 1: FEMALE 25+ grams, amazing...
  11. SFgeckos

    Pastel YB for Chris

    I mentioned I would show some of my pastel YB a while back. Here is a holdback female that just shed- all my pastel YBs have those flames/blushing up the sides but like we discussed, not all pastel YBs are created equal! Some have high amounts of blushing and aberrant patterns, while others do...
  12. SFgeckos

    250 small dubia nymphs for $35 SHIPPED!

    What to try dubia roaches for the holidays? With my baby gecko racks almost empty, I currently have a large surplus of small dubia nymphs available for gecko forum members! 250 small nymphs (1/4-1/2 inch size) for $35 SHIPPED. Many references available or please check trader ratings...
  13. SFgeckos

    My super mojave loves the ladies =)

    Most of my males have been somewhat "lazy" thus far, but my super mojave has been a stud! He's already locked up with his entire rack of females at least once! Photo 1: '09 900 gram super mojave male locked with a monster '03 3,500+ gram female! This female is one of my best breeders/feeders (3...
  14. SFgeckos

    Dubia starter kits! 8M/20F/25nymphs for $25 shipped!

    Want to try dubia roaches? I have available a limited number of "Dubia Roach starter kits" which include 8 adult males, 20 adult females and 25 small nymphs for $25 shipped! This starter kit is great for anyone interested in trying them for the first time. Unfortunately larger quantities...
  15. SFgeckos

    Highly speckled eclipse FEMALES for eclipse lovers!

    Hi, I have available two unique speckled eclipse females for the eclipse lover! My "speckled eclipse" project was founded a few years ago by my unique eclipse male "Dark Knight". He produces highly speckled eclipse offspring with some exhibiting 1-2 paradox spots! For additional...
  16. SFgeckos

    Carrottail eclipses and patternless stripes!

    Last few geckos from 2011! Thanks to everyone who waited patiently on my waitlist and purchased from me earlier this year! Please see the link below for photos/information on each gecko! I will be adding only a few more in the upcoming weeks...
  17. SFgeckos

    15th Annual Reptile Bazaar in Petaluma, CA this Saturday Oct 22th

    15th Annual Reptile Bazaar! This Saturday, October 22nd at the Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds. 10am to 5pm The North Bay Herpetological Society is proud to announce the 15th Annual Reptile Bazaar at the Petaluma Fairgrounds. Lots of great vendors selling reptiles & supplies. Don't miss it...
  18. SFgeckos

    Succulent plants for your terrariums! Petaluma, CA reptile show Oct 22th

    Hi, I will have a good selection of succulent plants for your terrariums available at the Petaluma, CA reptile show this Saturday, October 22th! These are hardy and extremely easy to keep. Just water them once a week! I have dozens of different cacti and succulent plant species available...
  19. SFgeckos

    High quality geckos for Petaluma, CA reptile show Oct 22th

    **UPDATED 9/20** Hi, I will have a variety of high quality geckos available at the Petaluma, CA show this Saturday October 22th, 2011. This is a CAPTIVE BRED ONLY show! Nephrurus wheeleri N. amyae- unsexed only **sale pending on the last 4 unsexed babies** N. levis- **ALL SOLD** N...
  20. SFgeckos

    Holdback pastel calico

    Hopefully I can produce a bunch more next year and put the calico gene into many other morphs- with higher white! The pattern/amount of white varies so much and makes each hatchling a surprise. It also depends on the calico lines (Flora and Fauna, VPI sugar, Marc Bailey, NWE lines etc) I work...