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  1. Pinky81

    My very first Ball Python!!!

    So today I put money down on my first BP!!! I really love these snakes but don't do well with feeding cute fuzzy animals, so this was a BIG decision of mine to try this! Its a larger BP so it eats a small rat weekly...Im figuring if I can't do it my friend can come over and help me get over...
  2. Pinky81

    Soon to be new owner!!!

    So many of you know me from the Leopard Gek forum as I breed and keep Leo's but Ive finally decided to get a couple of crested!!! So I have a few questions on tank maintence. I have a Medium Tall Exo-Terra that I plan on doing a bottom layer of hydroballs then a layer of Eco Earth Loose...
  3. Pinky81


    Produced by Matt at SaSobek's World of Reptiles! My breeding project plans have changed and I decided not to pair this guy up due to space! 25-30g Male Eating like a PIG on dubia, mealies, supers!!! $125 + shipping....YES ONLY $125!!!! Click link below FB Available Page...
  4. Pinky81


    Today i think I found the lowest of the low. I spent the majority of the day crying over that picture of the gecko with no skin in a child's care, who seems fairly indifferent to its suffering. And another who no matter what anyone says or trys to help refuses to get his animal to a vet even...
  5. Pinky81

    John from GeckoBoa

    Just wanna put out there how AWESOME John from GeckoBoa is!!! Not only are his Leo's awesome, but he was ALWAYS willing to email back and forth to answer all my MANY questions while searching for my progect females!!!!! I can't tell you how much time he spent chatting with me, emailing, and...
  6. Pinky81


    Its about time I posted this as I am very please with the service John Scarbrough has given me. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, answering all my MANY MANY questions! He did an awesome job of suggesting a great match for my Tang/Emerine male. And I am also VERY impressed by his...
  7. Pinky81

    My very first website!!!!!!

    So since I sold out of my baby leo's already and actually have 2 ppl who are waiting for next season...i decided I should make a website. What do you guys think??? Ive never done this before so be nice!! Also I want to know if I am correct to have listed Kelli as breeder of Pyro. I want...
  8. Pinky81

    Tangerine Baby

    Hatched April 2011 I believe she will hypo out to a Super Hypo. But at minimum Hypo Tang. Nice Orange filling into her tail. Temp Sexed for female Eating well on Mealworms and Dubia Price $35 +shipping
  9. Pinky81


    I am looking for a reptile rack small maybe one that holds 6-8 tubs. Something small for just someone like me who is just breeding on female. Willing to pay shipping
  10. Pinky81

    High Yellow Male~~Very Nice Lavender developing in tail

    Looking to change out my male: Clyde here is a High Yellow Male. His tail has stated taking on lavender hues these last few months. He's got some very nice colors and patterns! Wt is between 87-90grams. 10in long nose to tail tip. Very solid boy! Proven breeder, one hatchling as of...