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    Big mealie = impaction? True or False?

    just wondering, would it be safe to feed a 50-60g leopard gecko a adult male dubia? the ratio in my colony is approaching 3:1...males to females.
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    Should geckos with deformities be culled?

    To badhabits727: Do you put humans in cages and incubate their eggs?
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    Dubia Roaches vs. Crickets

    I think I might have found a solution to people in Florida. The Discoid roach is nearly identical to the Dubia, but is legal in Florida. Supposedly it is because they are native there (Don't live in Florida so didn't look into it too closely). I kinda prefer the roaches....when I was little I...
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    I asked her about the tank, and she has a bigger tank. He is eating crickets, I saw him eating a while ago when it was warmer inside. He has been there since August 23- the beginning of school, so 9 weeks. She got him about a week before that, fairly sure she hasn't bathed him, since she leaves...
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    I was afraid of that :(. He has a branch in there, but he never climbs on it or anything. today he was hiding under it. The salad does appear to be letuce, but I'll ask monday. He is in a 10-20 gallon (I'm a bad judge of size) but she has bigger ones for when he grows. I'm not sure how to...
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    Bearded dragon not eating

    My biology teacher has a baby bearded dragon in the back of the room, and I have noticed it asn't been eating for at least a week. He's on sand, but I checked and he has still been pooping, once every 3days or so. Little urea (white part) but he seems to not be dehydrated. He doesn't have a UVB...
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    Should geckos with deformities be culled?

    I chose 'Yes, but only if they couldn't survive on their own', but I'm not a breeder. I have a pet that might have a slight tail kink, but it bothers him none. If I did breed, I think I would euthanize all severe deformities. That brings up the 'If your kids had a deformity you wouldn't kill...
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    Rare Green Anoles

    Well if you want to have a pet green anole, many petstores have them... If you captured it to take care of it, I would suggest no longer than a week. I did that once with a snake- feed it wild caught cricks (It was rather small) and didn't touch it at all, just observed. It was kept outside...
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    Things to eat?

    Lol you should take a picture of him running up.. 'Can I haz Bannana?' =3 I actually don't have a beardie so can't contribute to this discussion...thinking of maybe getting one...The babies at my pet store look so cute..
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    What is the smallest size gecko you would sell?

    Well, me being a novice, this might be ignored, but I wanted for you guys to have input from a non-breeder. As long as it has a bit of fat so if it doesn't eat immediately it won't die, of course no obvious deadly disease, and shipped in a good container, it would be good. I have no clue how...