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  1. ajveachster

    Animal Plastics Racks & Nature's Spirit Incubators

    I have 2 10-shelf Animal Plastics Iris 375 racks with heat cables. I'm asking $200 each or for $250 I'll include a spyder robotics thermostat. Rack Size..64Hx23Wx15D I also have 2 Nature's Spirit incubators for which I'm also asking $200 each or $250 including a thermostat...
  2. ajveachster

    Leopard Gecko/Ball Python Collection for sale

    Due to other life circumstances I am looking to sell off the remainder of my reptile collection. $1500 + shipping. All 20 Leopard Geckos are adults: Zena-Pure Fascio Female-proven breeder Gerry-Gem het Raining Red Stripe Female-proven breeder Gem x Halloween Mask Female-proven breeder...
  3. ajveachster

    Looking for pet in Omaha, NE area

    I have a friend in the Omaha, NE area looking for a pet leo. He is not looking for anything fancy. I just want him to be able to get something healthy, and he can pick it up rather than paying for shipping. Please send me an email at [email protected] if you can assist in this search.
  4. ajveachster

    Website Down

    It was brought to our attention that our website has been disabled. We apologize for this inconvenience, and will advise when we have the situation rectified. Also, if anyone can recommend a good hosting service please let us know.
  5. ajveachster

    Snake Cage

    My coworker is selling her snake cage. She had a red tail boa that lived in it for about a year until her landlord decided after the fact that he was afraid of it. It is an Animal Plastics model T25 with swing doors. Dimensions are 72"x30"x18". The cage was custom designed for a Pro Products...
  6. ajveachster

    Updated Available Pages

    Finally got the website update done on the available pages. There are several animals posted there, and more on our facebook page. Now to get some of the other pages on the website updated.
  7. ajveachster

    Throwing in the towel???

    I love the animals, but nobody else really seems to like the same things as me. Not really logical to keep making something nobody wants, and I know there is no way I can keep everything I produce. I also don't want to produce a whole bunch of mediocre stuff just to have cheap animals to sell...
  8. ajveachster

    Snake House is in the news again
  9. ajveachster

    Seeing RED!

    I picked up this boy today. He's a little bit on the thinner side, but has bright clear eyes, all his toes, and his tail. Plus he is super red. The picture doesn't quite do him justice.
  10. ajveachster

    Adult Female Pet Only Adoption

    This girl has a deformed right front leg and a slight curvature of the spine, so we are adopting her out as a pet only. We wanted to make she she would be able to flourish before adopting her out, so she is 2 years old. She has stopped her ovulation hunger strike this season, and is currently...
  11. ajveachster

    Great Starter Mack/Tremper Group for Beginners!

    For $300 if picked up or $350 shipped you get 3 adult animals. (Taylor, MI and Cleveland, OH shows monthly) 1. Jungle Tremper Male 2. Hypo Mack Snow Female 3. Mack Snow Tremper het Raptor Female What are the possible babies made from just these three? 1. Normal het...
  12. ajveachster

    MOVING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    I really don't know anybody who likes moving, but moving in February in Northern Ohio with a breeding collection makes things even more complicated. We did manage to move all 200+ animals without any harm. They got moved on Friday, and we are still working on getting everybody set up properly...
  13. ajveachster

    Bold Stripe Bell

    Looking for a high quality Bold Stripe Bell Male. Proven Breeder preferred. Please contact us at [email protected]
  14. ajveachster


    I've never had one of my eggs look like this before, so I wanted to make sure this is just sweating. It should be hatching within the week. To be honest it looks like somebody tinkled on it because of the yellow coloring. [/IMG]
  15. ajveachster

    Red Stripes and a Lavender

    Another thread congratulating Paul Allen for the beauties he produces that we all can't seem to resist.
  16. ajveachster

    Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

    Ok. So here is what happens when your gecko population jumps from 50 to 70 in about a week. Our new rack is on order, but not here yet. I have come up with a gecko holding tank, and can make another if needed since I know we will have a couple more babies hatch any day now. Supplies Used...
  17. ajveachster

    Anaheim Rocks!!!

    Having a blast at Anaheim. Got my fatty I've been wanting. It's my first one. Can't wait to get her home. She's so cute! Will probably be picking up some other things before the weekend is over. I'm sure Ryan will be making a post too, so I won't steal all his thunder.
  18. ajveachster

    Afraid to Ship?

    I have seen several posts where people would be willing to ship a reptile, but don't know how. Here is my suggestion. Visit and watch their instructional video. Even if you don't use their products or services, at least you can learn how to properly pack a reptile for...
  19. ajveachster

    Head Shots

    Just a couple interesting head patterns on some of our hatchlings. Sorry some of the pics are blurry. They didn't want to sit still, and I still haven't mastered the camera. My patience was wearing a little thin. The first two were clutch mates, and the last two were clutch mates.
  20. ajveachster


    For all of you who have hatched a preemie, how long did it take for the preemie to catch up in size to a regular hatchling?