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  1. Palor

    CBB Male Flying Geckos

    We have 3 lovely adult flying gecko males for sale $60 each + shipping costs. We ship with SYR. [URL=][/URL
  2. Palor

    Hour Old Hatchlings!

    Adorable newly hatched amel aft's :)
  3. Palor

    Amel AFT's

    Now for sale Amel AFT babies!!!! $125 each + shipping, also 1 nice tangerine amel AFT for $175 + shipping. PM with any questions. More pics here:
  4. Palor

    Gekko Smithii

    Looking for any available G. Smithii, PST.
  5. Palor

    Mack Snows and Eclipses

    All geckos were incubated for female at 82° and eating heartily on superworms and crickets! :) Weights and hatch dates are available and can be provided on request. Pickup available at the Phoenix Reptile Expo! Save on shipping and meet the breeder! :D Shipping will be quoted. Get...
  6. Palor

    Heteronotia Binoei

    We have .2 Heteronotia Binoei for sale. They are 5 months old and feeding well on small crickets & roaches. Heteronotia binoei .2 $200 shipped each, or $350 shipped for both. If your area has bad weather, I will hold onto your geckos as long as I need to to ensure their safe arrival when...
  7. Palor

    Mourning Geckos

    We have lots of Mourning Geckos for sale. Starting at $30 each, 3 for $80, 6 for $150 + shipping. Better discounts for larger #'s purchased. Delivery to the Tuscon Reptile show available with pre-order. See website for TOS. Thank you Dan Martindale
  8. Palor

    Mack snows & tangerines!

    Male Sunglow het Raptor '09 $100 Female Mack Snow Eclipse het Raptor '10 $100 Female Super Hypo Tangerine Enigma 50% het raptor '10 $75 Female Mack Snow 50% het raptor '10 $40 Female Super Hypo Tangerine Enigma 50% het raptor '10 $60 Female Super Hypo Tangerine...
  9. Palor

    Leopard Geckos

    Need to make up for cost of table at Phx Reptile Expo.. so all leopards on sale. May entertain certain trades. Buyer to pay shipping, a quote will be provided. Photos taken with flash, color may be washed out. Hypo Tangerine Snow 50% het Raptor $50 F Tangerine Snow 50% het Raptor $45 F...
  10. Palor

    Mourning Geckos (Lepidodactylus lugubris) for Sale

    We have plenty of Mourning Geckos (Lepidodactylus lugubris) for sale. Don't miss out on your chance to pick up a few of these adorable little geckos. 1 Mourning Geckos is $30, buy 3 and get them for $80, larger group discounts can be done as well. Shipping to the Continental USA only...
  11. Palor

    Our little stow away

    We found this little cricket thief stowed away in our cricket shipment So we are going to keep it is a new exotic pet :)
  12. Palor

    Our baby Creteds this year

    We have 5 of these little geckos and here they are in no particular order :p Enjoy :D
  13. Palor

    I love it when it Snows

    We just updated the website with our Snows for sale, also some tangerines. Enjoy looking :)
  14. Palor

    Chaotic Nights Reptile on Face Book

    Come see our FB page, drop in and say hello :D!/pages/Phoenix-AZ/Chaotic-Nights-Reptile/113157833524?ref=sgm&__a=4&ajaxpipe=1
  15. Palor

    Giant Chinese Green Snkaes

    I finally got my snakes :) Bought 2 pairs of Cyclophiops major and they arrived today. So far they seem to be in good condition. They are active and fairly laid back, no biting :) Pics...
  16. Palor

    Elvira in the Sun

    We had her out side for some sun :)
  17. Palor

    5 CBB Flying Geckos (Ptychozoon kuhli)

    We have 5 CBB Flying Geckos (Ptychozoon kuhli) for sale at this time. They are $60 each +$50 shipping. All healthy and mite free. Feeding well on small crickets, small roaches and phoenix worms. We are not interested in any trades...
  18. Palor

    CBB Red Eyed Croc Skink (Tribolonotus gracilis)

    We have 2 Red Eyed Croc Skink (Tribolonotus gracilis) juvies for sale for $150 each. Shipping is $50, continental USA only. They are healthy and feeding well on small crickets, small roach nymphs, and phoenix worms. The oldest hatched in early October and the younger hatched in early...
  19. Palor

    Various male leos for Sale

    I have several male leos for sale A1: Male Tremper Albino 50% het raptor 36g $50 A2: Male Tremper Sunglow 100% het raptor, 51g $75 A3: Male Sunglow Raptor (2 Snake Eyes) 58g, kinked hip $50 NOTE: This guy has a sweet disposition, but likely should NOT be bred, he has a hip...
  20. Palor

    Snaked Eyed RAPTOR Female

    We have this female RAPTOR for sale at $125 + shipping. She hatched out 9/5/09 and is currently 47g. Parents are a Giant Tremper Sunglow 100% het Raptor male and a RAPTOR female.