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    my 7mo leopard gecko scooter has a twisted leg that I'm 90 percent sure is mdb. I don't know how to attach the photo but from the videos I've watched it is the same as most. I started noticing this just min ago and I'm really stressed on what I should do. I don't have the money to spend to go...
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    how do i post a photo to my account?

    i want to show my geckos!
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    Is this tank too big for leopard gecko?

    i think your gecko is happy in anything above 20 or so gallons. keep it up!
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    Hello! Future gecko owner here-

    hii make sure to do lots of research before buying!!
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    Hello! New Gecko Owner: Advice needed

    great questions. i think for the location of his tank you should move it, taking a shower would raise the humidity and ould cause ri over a period of time. leos are Crepuscular meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk so i dont think too much lighting would hurt him/her. the gecko is sooo...
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    im peter and i keep reptiles and am always wanting to learn more about them i have a 8 month old albino leopard gecko named Scooter a 7 year old leopard gecko named magic (morph unknown) and a 8 month old albino pac man frog