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    > Buy Now Deals & High-Quality Stock < Starting at $35 - $450

    Unleash the geckos! 8 new animals were just posted --> 4 Buy Now Deals (50% OFF) and 4 Stunners for your HQ projects. ^^^Click here: to see all 8 offers on our timeline :D ^^^ Thanks for the support peeps! :main_yes: ツ $450 ♀ Female - High-Contrast...
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    Leopard Geckos For Sale: BUY NOW DEALS 50% OFF Until Thursday!

    ツ 8 MONDAY BUY NOW DEALs have begun! 5 Offers are 50% OFF Retail value :D Come take a look at our timeline for details and to WIN --> WY Tremper $375 CHEE $150 CHEE $75 BEE $175 ET $225 High-Contrast Tremper $55...
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    BUY NOW DEALS JUST POSTED: Leopard Geckos For Sale at 50% OFF

    5 BUY NOW DEALS, at prices 50% OFF, have begun on our facebook page ---> Offers Expire Friday evening, and includes these frisky kittens: $100 Pair of Sisters; Trempers (see site for details/ known hets) CHEE [Carrot-Head Emerine Enigma] $100...
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    Monday Buy Now Deals Have Begun! Starting as low as $30 - $600

    ツ 4 BUY NOW DEALS HAVE BEGUN featuring this group of gregarious geckos! --> ^^^ Click link to see details and win high-quality foundation stock at a discounted rate! – Buy Now pair at $150 – Retail Value:$300 – Buy Now at $30 – Retail Value: $100 – Buy...
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    Leopard Geckos For Sale: 50% OFF BUY NOW DEALS $50- $350 ---> NEW MORPHS

    7 BUY NOW DEALS Starting at $55 - $350 HAVE BEGUN! These 8 happy buffalo are posted on our timeline: ^^^Click link to see the lineup details^^^ $350 --> High-contrast Super Tangerine Reverse Stripe Tremper 66% Het Eclipse $250 --> Enigma...
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    Leopard Geckos For Sale: BUY NOW DEALS starting at $50 ---> New Releases

    6 New Animals were just released: <--- Click link to see the deals posted on our facebook timeline. Today's offers include a Gorgeous WY Super Tangerine Het Tremper 66% Het Eclipse $395 CHEE HEt Raptor $225 Snow Enigma Reverse Stripe Het Eclipse...
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    Art Geckos: BUY NOW DEALS Have Begun!

    Posted on our FB timeline, 7 deals were just relased: Including these animals :D Come take a look and win HQ stock at a discounted price :D Click here to see details: Dalmatian HC^2 Enigma Tremper CHEE Red Stripe CC Raptor...
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    AUCTIONS going down now* ELITE GENETICS* starting at just $55!!

    Auctions end tomorrow, click links below! Don't miss out Tremper Enigma: Tremper...
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    $129 + SH Female Tangerine Enigma Het Eclipse ---> Art Geckos

    BUY HER NOW: $129+SH Tangerine Enigma 100% Het Eclipse 12 grams, will ship at 15 grams. Start a Blackhole project with this beauty! *Orange Eyes* Does not show ANY signs of ES! Voracious appetite, excellent coordination, and also has an noticeable emerine influence. email me for a...
  10. Art Geckos


    Blackhole [Mack Snow Enigma Eclipse] *2 Solid Black Eyes* TSMale* Currently 7 grams, will ship at 15 grams. Amazing colors! Charcoal black on eggshell white with sky blue over eyes- Rarely shows signs of ES. *An exquisite example of this rare morph* Just $350 Shipped...
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    Art Geckos: Code of Ethics

    Code of Ethics for Art Geckos Breeding Facility. I modified this from a dog breeders code of ethics; if you catch anything I missed please let me know! Thanks, CODE OF ETHICS 1. I will maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary facility for all leopard geckos in...
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    Herpetologist's motto: Shed Happens!

    Just sharing some photoshopped shedding /)
  13. Art Geckos

    Florida Frog... Whatever could it be?

    Just sharing some photography-
  14. Art Geckos

    GFP Axolotls: GLOWING Alien Pets!

    Who else wants to see these animals increase in popularity?