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  1. Ghostblaze

    New breeding pair of Gargoyles

    I was gifted a breeding pair of gargoyles geckos for my birthday . This will be my first time breeding gargoyles, so any suggestions /tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks in advance
  2. Ghostblaze

    Looking for a reputable breeder for Crested and Tokays

    Hello, I’m going to start my first breeding project with geckos soon. I’m looking for a reputable breeder to get a female crested, male tokay or possibly a breeding pair of either. I know there are sites like morphmarket but does anyone have any suggestions for specific breeders? Thanks in advance.
  3. Ghostblaze

    Hello Everyone

    Hello fellow herpers I’m from NJ and have been herping since I was in the 3rd grade and I’m just about 29 now. I used to breed bearded dragons, but I have just recently gotten into keeping chameleons and geckos. Geckos are definitely very satisfying so far . Here are a few pics of my Veiled Cham...