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    breeders 4 sale

    A male super snow blizzard A male jungle A male redstripe A male blizzard a male Mack snow 100% het tremper and het Murphy's patternless( around 20 grams) A female jungle stripe 2 female trempers text me 9783374091
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    high end geckos

    hey everyone i have some really nice leopard geckos that i need to get rid of due to other projects. from babies to breeders!!!! would like to sell some by the weekend. so low prices!!! . please text me 9783374091. ready to ship
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    leopard geckos NEED to sell

    2.0 mack snow %100 het murphys patternless and tremper 0.1 tremper albino 0.1 hypo poss carrot tail. also have a male reduced hypo reverse stripe hes 75-80 grams. =] make offers NEED to sell because i have no space. text me for pics and let me know which ones
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    babie leopard gecko morphs

    3.0 mack snow 100% het tremper murphys patternless $65 each 0.1 tremper $50 0.1 hypo carrot tail $40 1.0 hi yellow with interesting paradox marking make offer willing to go down on prices:) also looking for breeder females to trade:] P.M me for any questions
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    sunglow and hypo boas

    hello everyone i have a nice big male sunglow! hes a proven breeder and about 75" and breeds anytime he sees a female . lolhe also has produced a few paradox sunglows while my female kahl albino was asking $650 but flexible a bit .=]because hes a stud and has the paradox in him. let me...
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    leopard gecko babie morphs CHEAP

    hello everyone i have some leopard geckos to rehome! 1) 2 male mack snows het blizzard . asking $35 each 2) 2 male hi-yellows asking $20 each 3) 1 juvenile tremper albino asking $50 4) 1 male juvenile tremper patternless reverse stripe.!! asking $100 hes a stunner!