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  1. KTyne

    New Enclosure for my Crestie :')

    So recently I switched my Fattie over into my empty 20 gallon long tank that Gaia used to live in (she is now in a tub). This meant that I had an empty 10 gallon tank sitting around and my Crestie was living in a Kritter Keeper that was a bit too small for him. SO, tonight I set up the 10...
  2. KTyne

    KTyne's Naturalistic Build

    I started my newest project today! I'm turning my empty 40 gallon tank into a naturalistic set-up for one of my Leopard Geckos. It will be my only "display" tank and I'm quite excited! I'll post pictures as I work on it. :) Here is where I'm at right now. :) Just cut and put together...
  3. KTyne

    Fionntan Photos

    Here are some new photos of my new Crestie I've had for two weeks now. :) These are with flash and he is only partially fired in these photos. Fired down he is all a light grey with speckling and fired up he's a dark rusty red and orange. :) Can't wait to see how...
  4. KTyne

    New Crestie

    So I got my second ever Crested Gecko on Saturday and I love him/her! He doesn't have a name yet though soooo ideas would be good. :P Oh, and sorry for the blurry photos! I wasn't using flash and the little guy wouldn't stop moving! He fires up a rusty red and orange...
  5. KTyne

    Loki :)

    Thought I'd share photos of my baby BP with you guys. :) He's my first snake but he won't be the last. :D He is about 5 months old. :)