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  1. ARiES

    Tank Size

    Ok everybody. I've got a female bell albino whos about 5 years old and isn't going to get much bigger..I've got her in a 10 gallon tank but i feel like she needs more space. Would a 15 gallon be ok to move her into? Or should i just stick with the 10 gallon? Need your input people...
  2. ARiES


    hey everyone!! ive got a youtube account set-up with videos on my female leo regarding feeding,tank set-ups,heating/lighting,ect.!!! my username on it is leogeckoman and my url link is ...check it out! and hope it helps
  3. ARiES

    Wax Worms or Meal Worms

    Why would you choose one or the other??and what about them do you like or dislike??
  4. ARiES

    UTH or Regular UV Day Light Bulb??

    i use an under tank heater and its been working fine. but im not sure if for my next leo if i should get the uv day light or stick with the heat matt..ive herd the day light hurts their eyes!!!! let me know your inputs!! Sincerely, Aries
  5. ARiES

    My Female Bell Albino

    Athena Marie what ya think???