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  1. BuddyTony

    Cleaning Spray

    Hi im just wondering what kind of spray is safe that i can use to clean my gecko enclosure and the hides and stuff its getting smelly and i currently have nothing to clean them with
  2. BuddyTony

    The kids

  3. BuddyTony

    Leopard Gecko not eating

    my 8 month old leopard gecko has stopped eating he usually eats mealworms out of his dish but he stopped 5 days ago and has pooped once since but his behavior is normal still active running around and alive i didnt notice him shedding and i made no changes to his enclosure
  4. BuddyTony

    Introducing a gecko too another gecko

    im thinking about getting another leopard gecko im wondering if i can put him in the 20 gallon tank with the other one and any details to help me out
  5. BuddyTony


    I just purchased a gecko today his name is Skipper but it was from a pet store and i have no idea what type of gecko he is or if its a male or female!
  6. BuddyTony

    New tank

  7. BuddyTony

    Pics of skipper!

    He's a sunrise blazing blizzard
  8. BuddyTony


    My gecko Skipper is around 4-5 months old and he's got a decent size tail but it can be a lot bigger I'm feeding him 10-12 mealworms a day with leopard gecko calcium is there something I can feed my mealworms to make them more nutritious or something what's the key to getting a fat tail?
  9. BuddyTony

    Broken Leg?!?

    My leo blizzard gecko Skipper has a weird thing with his leg he cant walk right! His leg looks really messed up when he walks and im not sure what to do? Ill try to get a pic uploaded a.s.a.p. But Please Help!
  10. BuddyTony

    Reticle Expo in Halifax

    Wow that was an amazing expo I saw lots of lizards and got to hold a large snake there were monitors and skinks and beardies and so much cool reptiles for my first expo is was amazing! And thx to the guy who let me know about this expo on the forums!!!
  11. BuddyTony

    R.I.P Esbirro

    :( esbirro died today. i thought she was doing just fine but i found her dead in her hut... thanks everyone for your help and support. I just wished i knew what was wrong
  12. BuddyTony

    Force feeding

    aso my albino gecko is not eating at all i try to force feed her but shes just so stubern and wont eat anything i tried mealworms crickets and butter worms but she wont eat any of them! she hasnt been eating for 2-4 months now and im surprise shes still alive i tried d3 calcium and leopard gecko...
  13. BuddyTony


    i feed my gecko decent sized crickets. my gecko is about 6-7 inches and every time i feed her a cricket 5 minutes later theres a cricket carcasse in his house? anybody know what that means
  14. BuddyTony


    my gecko has not been eating for at least a week now and i dont know whats wrong! shes in a 20 gallon tank the temp is 80 and the humidity is 30-40 shes 4-5 months old and still pooping and is pretty active but she just wont eat im feeding her 1 mealworm a day for now
  15. BuddyTony

    do geckos yawn?

    Do geckos yaawn when there tired cause mine look like shes yawning but she could be throwing up.(see throwing up thread)
  16. BuddyTony

    throwing up

    my albino leopard gecko seems to be throwing up big blobs of mealworms. shes been doing it for a couple weeks now. is that some kind of sickness?
  17. BuddyTony

    what lizard should i get next

    i got enough money and space for another reptile
  18. BuddyTony

    looking for a reptile show in halifax

    i live in halifaxx nova scotia canada and ive never went to a reptile show and im wondering if theres gona be one in my area?
  19. BuddyTony


    i have a new baby blazing blizzard and im wondering how old it is and if i should start to handle it now or wait for it to get bigger
  20. BuddyTony

    Male leopard gecko not eating

    My male tangerine Leopard Gecko is not eating mealworms. i got him 3 days ago and he wont eat?