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  1. latshki

    New Puppy

    got a new puppy today from a friend His name is Winston and he's a jack russel/american eskimo
  2. latshki

    Losing a friend

    So last friday I lost my best friend My 8 year old beagle rat terrier mix was hit by a car after running out the door while moving furniture outside. She was hit by a speeder who never slowed down, never looked back, and has officially earned my hatred, and I am not one to hate. Snoopy's pelvis...
  3. latshki

    What is a pet anymore????

    So about a year ago my nephews had been asking me if they could have some of their very own geckos as they loved to come over and see my animals and such so I promised them that when they got their report cards to go on to the next grade they would each get a gecko. My brother and sister in-law...
  4. latshki

    Shame is the only word I can think of

    Here is an article I got off a frog forum, this read made me feel sick and the fact that this kind of thing happens every day across the globe makes it even worse. It may not sound good but I am ashamed to be called human
  5. latshki

    Prodigy Exotics, what do ya think??

    well Im vending at an expo in a month and one of the requirements is to have a name so I came up with Prodigy Exotics so what do ya think???
  6. latshki


    Deisel say HI! if you've seen the movie UP, doesn't this remind you of " I hid under your porch cus I love you!" lol
  7. latshki

    Name this animal!!!!

    Ill post some pictures and you guys ID the animal in question SO LETS STARTS THIS
  8. latshki

    One lucky cat Man this would be a sight, and I wonder how the snake actually got there?
  9. latshki

    patternless caramel albino

    I know that a normal amel is not compatible with the patty but what about caramel albinos to me this would be a very interesting combo I would like to know from you guys what other morphs you think you make a great looking animal thanks Layton McAndrew
  10. latshki

    something more

    I hatched this gecko in may and since she has grown little and is about 25g now, she has kept this blue tail and odd markings since she was small, is this something more, the Sire has since passed but I still have the dam
  11. latshki

    problem dragon!!!! need help asap

    this dragon has been terrorizing my cattle for a month now and has eaten six already hes taking a tole on my life and I need to figure out how to rid this terrible beast from my land (jk this is just the aftermath from a berry mash)
  12. latshki

    ***my photo thread***

    this will be my thread in which I post pictures of reptile and non reptile things please enjoy and I hope that my skill improve as I learn more about my camera the camera is a canon rebel xsi
  13. latshki

    I hate being sick

    I know I sound like Im whining and there are a lot of people way worse than I am but I generally feel like poop :(
  14. latshki

    POST your bikes!!! (the ones you pedal)

    I worked at a bike for my summer job last year and built up my dream bike I will post specs and pics, but not until I see some of your guy's and gal's bikes, weather its a hardcore DH bike or your walmart ccm I want to see it
  15. latshki

    3 1/2 weeks later

    so it has been 3 and a half weeks since my male fattie, my first gecko and my favorite went missing well today my mother was vaccuming and she spotted his stripped tail sticking out from under the rad so here he is with me finally found and no worse for wear thank god hes not hurt
  16. latshki

    put on those shades!

    here is my scorchin SHTCTB who went through a shed and came out like the sun over a horizon last night also here are some pics of my baby AFT do you guys see any carrot tail there?
  17. latshki

    plated lizard

    there is a very good chance that I will be getting a yellow throated plated lizard in the next few days and I was wondering if they tolerate or enjoy the company of the same species also does anyone have any personal experience, if so what are they like, active, fun, food wise and all that...
  18. latshki

    SHTCT baldy?

    heres Rupurt and is he a baldy he has 3 or 4 faint spots on his lower jaw/chin
  19. latshki

    all of my critters

    well here are my critters and they are as following prehensile tail skink- Oscar SHTC- Rupurt AFT 0.1- Hailey Barry AFT 1.0- Beefcake AFT 0.0.1- baby vieled chameleon- Morpheus also there is a picture of a lady slipper flower which is an endangered species and my provinces symbolic flower
  20. latshki


    hey guys I suffer from severe head aches and am going into high school next year and I really can't miss much school I get the head aches usually in the morning and they start in the back of my head near the base and work their way to the front and once they are in the front I usually get quite...