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  1. acpart

    Gecko Time: New Personnel at Gecko Time

    The Gecko Time website was recently purchased by Josh Barraza who, as you may know, is also the owner of GeckoForums right here. Here's an opportunity to get to know him a bit. We're anticipating much more to be coming from Gecko Time this year...
  2. acpart

    Help for rescue a baby gecko

    Great! after you've given it more puree successfully, you could try killing a small feeder, dipping it in puree and putting that on its nose. Maybe it will actually eat the feeder and then you can try live feeders. Aliza
  3. acpart

    Sexing/Morph help

    The second one is definitely an albino tangerine. I doubt the first one is necessarily albino at all. It's either a Murphy's Patternless or a Blizzard and may or may not be albino as well. In all honesty, based on the pictures, they both look female to me. Females can lay eggs without benefit...
  4. acpart

    What Morph Would You Call This Little One?

    Hopefully someone will be able to help. To me, all cresties just look brown except when they're not. Aliza
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    Leopard gecko help

    It's hard to see it. I would imagine your theories are correct. As long as there isn't extended swelling or red streaks it's probably OK. Just keep an eye on it and let us know if it changes. Aliza
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    Any Help Choosing?

    Remember when you do make your choice to quarantine the geckos from each other for at least a month before putting them together. Aliza
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    Help for rescue a baby gecko

    It may be a moorish gecko (I looked at some pictures). If it was found in the bathroom and is now on its back, it may have some health problems that are causing it not to eat. You could try taking a worm or an insect, to hand feed it. Hold the gecko in one hand. Gently push the insect or...
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    Enigma Syndrom

    Here is an article from Gecko Time that was written about enigma syndrome: I bought an enigma to use as a breeder a long time ago and was assured by the seller (who I trusted and continue to trust) that she wasn't showing any enigma syndrome symptoms. That...
  9. acpart

    When Did Your Leopard Gecko Stop Producing Good Eggs? Most Eggs from One Female?

    I checked back in my data: I had a leopard gecko lay 12 clutches one season and one laid 13, but the last clutch was only 1 egg and it molded. I had 2 female geckos that produced viable offspring for 6 seasons, but I've had others that went only 1 season with viable eggs and one that never...
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    Leopard gecko skin problems?

    It almost looks as if some of the shed didn't come off, but based on what you say, that didn't happen. I can only advise watching to see what happens in the next week or so. Aliza
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    What substrate are you putting the eggs in? Whatever it is, find out the proper degree of moisture (for example, if you're using perlite, check this website for the instructions: Consider getting a better thermostat for the Hobovator. Find a...
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    Best Gecko's For 20gal.

    Tokays are arboreal so you would need a cage that's taller than it is long. Aliza
  13. acpart

    Need help finding arid springtails

    I don't know that arid springtails exist. When I had a leopard gecko bioactive environment, I used dermestid beetles which do fine in an arid environment. Aliza
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    Leopard gecko not eating and getting thin, please help us

    Is he getting supplementation (vitamin D3 and Calcium)? Is the floor of the cage on the hot side in the low 90's? If the answer to both these questions is "yes" I recommend you contact a non-exotic vet and ask for suggestions about recommendations. In this age of remote contact via Zoom it...
  15. acpart

    Eggs good or bad

    Some female leopard geckos do. In my experience, most don't. Of my 24 female leopard geckos who have either never been with a male or haven't in the last 3 years, one laid eggs last season. By contrast, pretty much all of my 4 crested gecko females and 8 gargoyle gecko females (who have also...
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    I would call it a high yellow (too many spots to be a hypo but few enough spots so the yellow shows through) aberrant (broken horizontal bands on the body but not on the tail). Aliza
  17. acpart

    Down sizing

    It would be great to see a picture of your gecko (I looked at the original thread but didn't see a picture). I had a gecko for more than 10 years who hid all the time, to the point where I named her "Cameo" because she only made cameo appearances. Some of them are just really reclusive...
  18. acpart

    Neophyte Gecko Owner

    I'm assuming, the picture of it on your arm is the later one. As it matured, it lost the rest of its spots so there isn't that contrast between the gray and the yellow/orange, which is one thing that makes the orange look brighter. Also, I find that some geckos are brighter as juveniles but...
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    What to gut load mealworms with?

    How do you keep his food now? I buy a prepared gut load from and add parts of vegetables that I don't use (like broccoli stalks, cauliflower leaves, etc.). At the very least, you could get some raw rolled oats, and puree them in the blender (they don't care if it's...
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    Down sizing

    I'm assuming you have a leopard gecko. You already have him in the equivalent of a 10 gallon tank, which most people feel is on the small side for a leopard gecko. He's nocturnal, so, unless you have a webcam on him all night or you stay up all night and watch him, you don't necessarily know...