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  1. Young Geckoboy

    Drainage Layer?

    Hi y'all. I am getting a larger terrarium for my leopard gecko, and I want to get some coconut substrate. I remembered that soil substrates for dart frogs require a drainage Layer. Would I need the same for my leopard gecko? If so, what should I use?
  2. Young Geckoboy

    Any Help Choosing?

    Thanks, you guys. I'll be sure to quarantine. I will also find out my gecko's weight. Thanks again!
  3. Young Geckoboy

    Any Help Choosing?

    Alright, so I'm stuck. I'm torn between three leopard geckos of the same morph. There are just slight variations in the patterns. The weights, however, do vary. One is 79 grams, the second is 58 g, and the third is 70. Also, the third has one eclipse and one snake eye, whereas the others have...
  4. Young Geckoboy

    Adult Gecko Community

    Here is my big man. His name is Toast. He is very calm and relaxed, and surprisingly gets very happy when being handled. I found this out recently, but his ears become as large as plates when I rub him on the chin. Does anyone else's gecko do this?
  5. Young Geckoboy

    Adult Gecko Community

    I started this thread to share pictures of my two geckos(one will be eligible as an adult later, though). Feel free to (and please do) post pictures of your own animals and make comments. Thank you!
  6. Young Geckoboy

    New gecko

    Very nice looking, btw
  7. Young Geckoboy

    Gecko Trio For Sale

    Yes, I'd like images
  8. Young Geckoboy

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!! (gecko disappeared)

    Just saying, he might've had a reason.
  9. Young Geckoboy

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!! (gecko disappeared)

    Was he asleep under the bed?
  10. Young Geckoboy

    Leopard Gecko not eating

    That is horrible.
  11. Young Geckoboy

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!! (gecko disappeared)

    My gecko wedged himself like six inches in a corner and willingly pinned himself behind it. He kept doing that and scaring the crud out of me. I eventually just moved the hide so far back that there was no space and stuck it there. So glad you found him!
  12. Young Geckoboy

    Leopard Gecko very thin - already too late? (see pics attached)

    If there is no luck in the future, there is always one option. However, it should only be a last resort. You can force feed, but like I said, it should only be a last resort. You can put crushed up insects like crickets or mealworms, or really mushed, little chicken in a small syringe. You can...
  13. Young Geckoboy

    What do I do???

    My gecko says thank you for helping me see again!
  14. Young Geckoboy

    What do I do???

    I got started on the procedure as soon as I woke up, and it worked. He is back to normal for the most part. I pulled the shed out after a few tries, and it was a lot larger than I thought. I don't know how it got lodged in there. Anyway, he's back to normal with just a little haze on his eye. I...
  15. Young Geckoboy

    Comment by 'Young Geckoboy' in media 'IMG_20201114_122457880.jpg'

    That's so cool. I like the white coloration, but it is funny because you never know when they are shedding.
  16. Young Geckoboy

    What morph is this?

    Alright thank you. His eyes are not red, so that rules out the diablo blanco. He does seem to have some yellow coloration, so he is possibly a blazing. Thank you for your knowledge and help.
  17. Young Geckoboy

    What do I do???

    Thank you
  18. Young Geckoboy

    What morph is this?

    So, I have this little leopard gecko. I thought that he was just a regular blizzard, but upon further research I've found that that is not true. I think that he's either a diablo blanco or a blazing blizzard. Can someone help me?
  19. IMG_20201114_122457880.jpg


    Little white gecko. Butter, as I've named him. I can't figure out his morph. Is he a blazing blizzard or a diablo blanco?
  20. Young Geckoboy

    2 New Baby Bold Stripe Leos

    They are beautiful geckos. I agree, it is interesting to see how their colorations and patterns will change. A few years back, I purchased my first leopard gecko. When I bought him, he was a really dark brown with black stripes and patches. He is currently a light, faded yellow with lavender...