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  1. DoubleZ

    Anyone keep Uromastyx?

    I got a pair of Mali uros 7 years ago and they are fantastic. They do require a good bit of space and a lot of heat, but I have good results using a ceramic heater in conjunction with a basking lamp to get my temperatures up. I only have the female now and even in her teens she is full of...
  2. DoubleZ

    To Ship or Not to Ship

    Update: I did end up using shipyourreptiles. Everyone arrived safe and sound yesterday morning. I had them shipped to a FedEx hub and my boyfriend picked them up during his lunch break. They are now all settled in to their new enclosures and are doing great.
  3. DoubleZ

    Available in July Two 40gal breeders

    Brighton, MA I am going to be moving at the end of July and I will be getting rid of my two 40gal breeder tanks. One has a sliding screen top with good bit of wear and the other has a lift off screen top. I also have a large hood, with space 3 bulbs, a small hood, three dome lamps, and...
  4. DoubleZ

    To Ship or Not to Ship

    This is my biggest worry about shipping. I'd either have to send them to my boyfriend ahead of time because he's going to fly up to help me move. However, it seems like that's going to be the best option as I plan on getting new setups for them and selling off what I have anyway because I'm...
  5. DoubleZ

    To Ship or Not to Ship

    In July I will be moving from MA to TX. I have two leopard geckos and one mali uromastyx that will be moving with me. I'm trying to decide whether or not I should ship them or bring them in the car. My reservations about the car is that it's going to be at least 3 days. However, I'll have...
  6. DoubleZ


    My mom wants me to "entertain the thought of getting rid of one set of lizards". She doesn't like having "all the tanks". There's 2 fish tanks, which I may combine plus one comes to school with me, my gecko tank, and my uro tank. That's it. And the herps usually leave for a whole semester at...
  7. DoubleZ


    I've got a ten gallon tank that I recently refurnished. Natural colored stones, one large piece of driftwood, and large orange rock. Currently it's housing a male betta, 2 pygmy corydoras, a honey gourami, and a dwarf gourami. The betta displayed some territorial behavior at first, flaring...
  8. DoubleZ

    Dang cat!

    If you have a picky cat multiple litter boxes is a great idea. We have two for my Ragdoll and they get cleaned at least twice a day.
  9. DoubleZ

    My new Kenyan Sand boas!

    I'd really love to eventually get a kenyan. Small, not too fast, and pretty low maintenance.
  10. DoubleZ

    falling in love with Egyptian uromastyx

    I've got mali uros and adore them. They have the funniest personalities and I love the size. Big enough to not be fragile but small enough to not be a huge space issue.
  11. DoubleZ

    Big Birds Babies

    Wow, that's a lot of babies.
  12. DoubleZ

    Sceloporus malachiticus(emerald swift)

    Lots of companies make a thermometer/hyrdometer so you can measure temps and humidity.
  13. DoubleZ

    Mali Uromastyx

    I've got a ceramic heater and a few bulbs, can't remember how many off the top of my head. It takes a good bit of power to get that basking spot temp.
  14. DoubleZ

    Mali Uromastyx Eggs!

    One egg was obviously bad, so now I'm down to four. Three of these had a bit of mold, I wiped it off but I'm not sure they'll make it. I wasn't really expecting them to, but at least I tried. If anyone has any tips I'd appreciate it.
  15. DoubleZ

    Think i see a mali in my future

    They're awesome lizards. I love mine. They've got the best personalities by far.
  16. DoubleZ

    Mali Uromastyx Eggs!

    Miraculously 5 of the eggs are still alive, or at least they are plump and white and don't have any bad smell or anything off looking about them. The one yellow looking egg was bad, as I suspected. If anyone has any advice on how to give these eggs a better chance at survival I'm open to...
  17. DoubleZ

    Mali Uromastyx Eggs!

    Here's the situation. I'm away at college, all my animals are 2.5 hours away being babysat by a friend's younger sister. I didn't know Clyde was even gravid until I got an e-mail yesterday saying she laid eggs while in the middle of writing an essay because I'm 2.5 hours away and haven't...
  18. DoubleZ

    Mali Uromastyx Eggs!

    I know it's unlikely they'll survive but hey, I'm a broke college student and this wasn't planned. I don't have the money for an incubator, the only ones for sale anywhere near me are exactly the amount of money I have in my bank account. I would have liked actual advice because I admit, I...
  19. DoubleZ

    It really upsets me when people talk about hurting hamsters..

    Hamsters are not nutritionally good for a snake to eat. Rats and mice are better, and yes a lot of people feed frozen/thawed you have to kill the mice/rats in order to freeze them, you can't use ones that died of natural causes. Snakes eat animals alive in the wild, as do thousands of other...
  20. DoubleZ

    croc skinks!!

    Crocs are such cool little guys. A local pet store had one that would just chill out on your shirt.