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    Mealworms in Bioactive Setup

    I've got 2 cresties in separate 18x24 bioactive tanks with 2 plants each, moss covering jungle mix sub, atop screen and hydro balls. I've got fake vines and grape wood throughout. I seed from my springtail cultures every couple weeks and I've tossed some other 'pods in for cleanup. I still get a...
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    Leopard Gecko Tank Ideas for 55g

    So I've decided to help my friends rebuild their tank for 3 adult Leo's and need ideas. It's a 55g long tank and I want to make it fairly easy to care for but look somewhat natural. I am thinking of using slate bottom but I've not done this before. So my questions are as follows? 1. Should I...
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    New Crestie Enclosures

    These guys have been with me a week now. Couldn't stand them being in the tiny "boxes" at +++++ any longer as they have been there for months. They were being shy today so I'm just posting pics of their homes and will get some more of them shortly. I'm new to crested geckos so any advice is...